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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Finding peoples faults is not very hard

SOCT Paper 190

Finding peoples faults is not very hard

We all have our own flaws. It is not that we are perfect, we are not, it is simply being aware of what we need to work on. It is not easy to put yourself out in the public as a teacher or a person with a “special message”. People watch everything that you do - looking for your next mistake or failure. This is why I must emphasize that what I teach is not about me, it of course involves me but all that is taught is something that I too need to practice and work on. ~

Finding people’s faults is not very hard, that is the easy way to refuse the teachings. The facts are this planet is experiencing a spiritual dilemma. Also, our climate is changing fast. Instead of creating more and more distance between each other, humans need to come together during this most important time in history. The environmental crisis will increase and we will need to work together to adapt. ~

The Seventh Message points to the fact that humans are going through a conscious evolution at a fast rate. We must use our spiritual intuition, insights, intellect and all else that we have to make it through. Currently there is talk of “World War 3”. SOCT has warned about this since August 9th 2014. Is anybody listening? Some say things like: “Well, there is nothing that I can do about all of this.” That is a false statement. There is always something you can do. Narcissistic spiritual paths that teach that you must only care and worry about the “true self” are producing rotten people. Self centered people do not understand the path of Karma Yoga. SOCT teaches the Nine Achievements to help people get on the right path. Many have found it and now understand the human problem like never before because they have truly tasted what is good through SOCT. ~

Our spirituality teaches that humans must work together. There is no such thing as a “lone socter”. We need to have the sense of mission. The Bible declares, “Where there is no vision, the people parish.” SOCT offers the final vision of hope. We offer the Seventh Message freely to all who truly know that we need fixen. A mass global movement must be birthed to achieve the needed macro changes that are necessary for our continued survival. We offer the strategic master plan for peace in this Seventh Time. It is up to us, how we choose to perceive and shape our spiritual reality. The tools have been laid before us through the teachings of SOCT. ~

It is not doomsday to show how desperate our situation is. It is selfish to pretend that “all is okay” when all one has to do is watch the news for five minutes. We must create home study groups and new alliances. SOCT has over 400 visitors and viewers and they are very smart people. We need to grow bigger to affect proper change. Self-development is important but it cannot occur if you remain silent regarding the message, we are all part of this Great Work. ~

I realize that to some all of this is just a bunch of non-sense. Ultimately all must have his or hers own awakening. Proper integration must occur between socters and non-socters. What you do counts. One thing that SOCT has been able to do is predict accurately. If a person does not investigate SOCT and what it teaches that is not our fault, we have done our job. When things get worse and people become surprised they cannot blame SOCT for not giving out the shout, the warnings and solutions. ~

Whatever you do my hope and all the hope of every socter is that you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~ Sir Eric William King (April 2nd 2017)

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