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Saturday, April 1, 2017

SOCT Exposing Fear ~ Part Two

SOCT Paper 183

Exposing Fear
…through the Science Of Christian Thought
~Part Two

This is the second of four short SOCT papers by Sir Eric W. King which help a person understand the emotion of “fear”. These are important pages for your spiritual understanding and growth. Please read and share. Continue to practice the SOCT Nine Achievements in your daily life and share what you learn with others. Thanks! ~ Lisa Steiger

Fear can lead to worry. We need to be truly centered spiritually to conquer “all fear”. This is why your personal relationship with Divine Intelligence is extremely important. First, why do you believe in what you believe in? It is important to have good reason, it is important to understand the person of God. This comes through studying SOCT papers, the Scriptures, saying prayers, meditation, decreeing, etc. ~

We need to inoculate ourselves with the pure doctrines of God. By setting up proper mind channels one can learn to confront the emotion of fear properly.  How we “see” ourselves is also extremely important. We need to appreciate who we are and become strong in our identity. This will prevent many fears. We are all being made unique due to our personal experiences. All our experiences shape us. If we become conscious of our emotions we can use them as tools to better shape who we are. This (of course) takes practice. ~

Most all of us are afraid of our own selves. We are afraid of who we truly might be. Many have come to the conclusion that they cannot seek any new religion or religious experience because their present religion puts a fear on them - many thinking “I cannot study Science Of Christian Thought, I’ll go to hell.” It is much easier to go with what everybody else is saying and doing, “this way I am safe.” This is the easy way. We end up relying on what everybody else does and says instead of developing our own unique identity and thoughts. This is sad. ~

Many people do not see themselves as being special or unique. Thus their fear can lead to depression. SOCT wants to help people stuck in this outlook with a new vision…The Seventh Message. By studying the Seventh Message one truly becomes awake, aware and alert [Triple “A”]. This prevents false fear from taking hold. ~

Having a healthy social life is also important. Even if you only have one or two close friends or people whom you can talk with that you trust. This helps you stay centered and helps keep the thoughts balanced. “Bad friends” can make you feel uneasy, worried and fearful. Get rid of this type of “friend”. Do not become “unevenly yoked”. ~

Taking care of something that is alive like trees, plants, or an animal or two is also very healthy. Keep the mind not just on the self but use some of your time to care for others. If you have children this can be the full time job but it must be balanced with your relationship to Divine Intelligence [God]. Doing this keeps fear out of your life in many ways. ~

Finally we need to believe in ourselves. This comes with understanding our boundaries, our limits and capabilities. SOCT has papers which can teach you about setting boundaries and better understanding how you think. We teach that you can train your own thoughts and guide your decisions and destiny in a powerful way. ~

SOCT teaches that we must honestly confront all of our feelings. We must accept our feelings, even the painful ones. We can let them come but we must let our inner Christ-self say: “Okay, I accept that this thought came - now move on and transmute this energy into better thoughts….consciously change the channel.” We thus learn to release and restructure our thoughts which affect our feelings. We can learn to become “fine tuners” and incorporate spiritual thought to all that we do. In doing this we are practicing “spiritual alchemy”. ~

The emotion of fear (if controlled); can teach us how to be courageous. You will become aware that each feeling you get can contribute to a better understanding of yourself and your relationship to others. Becoming aware and conscious is key. SOCT is teaching you how to become more aware. SOCT teaches people how to become emotionally healthy. Our personal life is defined on how we think, what we do with our thoughts and emotions. ~

It is my hope that you will find answers by reading the SOCT papers and continue to strive to follow the Nine Achievements. We all struggle but we must never give up. Trust in God and let Him help lead the way in all that you do. May you find Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (March 31st 2017)

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