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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sustaining Proper Thought ~ SOCT

SOCT Paper 186

Sustaining Proper Thought ~ SOCT

By Sir Eric William King

Humans do not really realize just how much their own thoughts affect their physical health, the way they dress, their eating habits, etc. Science Of Christian Thought has been helping people understand the power of their thoughts. How can you manage your thought? Is it possible? Yes. ~

Research agrees with SOCT when it comes to this very important issue. Many struggle with what has become known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is not just soldiers now who can fall into this category. As a matter of fact, any person who has gone through extreme stress regarding their individual safety can become diagnosed with PTSD. There is even proof now that ‘upsetting news’ and watching the wrong TV shows can cause this enigma. ~

An over charge of stress can cause hormones to be released in an unhealthy way. This can cause many problems including weight gain. What can you do? SOCT recommends that all humans practice SOCT Karma Yoga for starters. Accepting the SOCT teachings and clearing all past SE’s is extremely important. Human minds become clogged and SOCT cleansing will cure this. One of the Nine Achievements talks about watching what you eat. One who struggles with anxiety and stress should try and stay away from or reducing their caffeine use, sugar use and all other chemicals that one might turn to. ~

As new thought pathways open through contemplating the teachings of SOCT one can learn to adapt. Adaptation is important. Learning to adapt in a powerful way to the current troubles of life is important. You need “thought-tools”, the New Perspective. Even those who struggle with issues due to genetic patterns, you can still find the power of SOCT. Remember, our moment to moment outlooks can be held for the good through SOCT techniques. ~

You can raise the level of consciousness, to the point of Mocha. Satisfaction in all that you do is sustainable by shifting ones perspective consciously. Understanding your “state of mind” is key to learning the cure. Holding on to sinful thoughts and emotions will ruin your health and destroy your relationships. Realizing that all actions (reactions) have consequences is important. One must ask him or herself; “Do I need to experience this? Will this help me?” This is a good way to approach any major decision. ~

The Eighth Achievement states the following regarding this issue: ~

8 – Proper Social Behavior

Eighth Achievement: Be yourself. Be authentic when around others. SOCT teaches that you must develop sound internal and external boundaries with people. Having boundaries in conversation and actions is extremely important. Then learn to choose who you spend your time with. Is there a person who contacts you that you tag along with only because you feel alone? If there is a person that you tag along with whom you really disagree with and don’t particularly like their language and lifestyle then why hang around such a person? Is there a person you hang around with who calls you only when they need something like a ride to the store? You must learn to say NO to these people. “Sorry, I am busy today (do something productive). Can’t help you today.”  Whenever you are invited into a situation ask yourself; “Will I be better for it? Will this upset me and be a waste of my time? Learn to ask yourself: “Do I really want or need to do such a thing?” It is not selfish to have healthy boundaries.  ~


So we can begin to understand that everything is connected in some way, shape or form. Working on your mental outlook will take time but through consistency of reprogramming your “old self” into the New Self [Elah] you will begin to experience the enlightenment and become conscious of “the changing”. We recommend our Spiritual Alchemy as you proceed. ~

Finally I always hope that you find Peace Profound throughout your SOCT journey. This means that I wish you to recognize the feeling of affection towards others also. SOCT shows and teaches you about your real importance, your inner sense of worth will shine! ~

“Will it bring me happiness?” Yes. Science Of Christian Thought will bring you happiness and awakeness in the confusing time we are all experiencing. Right now, we all have the choice to change old and bad thought patterns and beliefs into the Light of the True Way. May you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (April 4th 2017)

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  1. We learn today (4-4-17) that chemical weapons have been used by Syria on their own people - including children. Fallen human nature is again out of control on the macro level. We have tried to bring balance to this planet. We have extraterrestrials trying to help us. They have and are continuing to give us the needed knowledge to pull through but unfortunately the majority is ignoring the message. SOCT has also warned: ~ E.W.King