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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Understanding “Self-Talk” and CTS Science Of Christian Thought

SOCT Paper 191

Understanding “Self-Talk” and CTS
Science Of Christian Thought

In this SOCT paper Sir Eric William King discusses and helps outline a CTS (Christian Thinking Skill). We have been working on a whole list of CTS that the SOCT student can put into practice. Please continue your studies and research here with us. Please share this with others. Thank you. ~

Science Of Christian Thought teaches a state of mind known as Mocha. Mocha is an acronym for “Mind Of Christ Action”. To reach this state one must understand the law of duality, two extremes, and then focus on the meditation point or learn to create the mediation point. All decisions are in agreement with shila, which simply means a static moral standard. When in mocha one is keeping the moral law (Ten Commandments) and is directing his or her attention to selfless acts of kindness and peace of mind. ~

To get to the mocha state of mind, meditation is practiced; white light meditations and violet flame decrees are given. Some include rosary meditations along with their SOCT practices. We all strive to attain the Nine Achievements of SOCT Karma Yoga. These Nine Achievements have been given to planet earth in this Seventh Time Era and contain the outline to spiritual advancement and enlightenment. ~

Understanding Self Talk

All of us have inner conversations constantly. We discuss our plans for the day, we talk about what we see and feel…yes, we all talk to ourselves. Sometimes we say things to ourselves that are not true, we hold back from our true capabilities sometimes because we have lack of inner faith in ourselves. Most people are very hard on themselves. The ‘inner doubter’ always calls you “pathetic” or “you don’t really know how to do anything”. ~

We can review past situations in our lives where we failed to do something properly and got ourselves into trouble. We can remember a time that we were made fun of on the playground, perhaps over a game. Since that time we hated games. We have SE’s (Sinful Experiences) in our lives. Some have been caused by us and some from others. Somebody may have yelled at you once or twice and told you how much of a failure you were. These evil voices come back to haunt us whenever we are placed in a situation that activates the old memory. ~

In a way we must learn to “parent” our self talk. Through SOCT you learn that you have an inner parent and that of course is what we call the “inner Christ”, or “Christ in you”. When you discover your own personality, you can let it become properly guided by Divine Intelligence. ~

Learning how to Think Better

We all need to focus on what we say to ourselves much more than we do. We need to become conscious of our thoughts, emotions and inner voice. Listen to what you tell yourself when making decisions. Remember also that all of your negative patterns are here for you to learn. We mustn’t get overly upset at all of our inner negative talk but we can learn to understand ourselves and why we do what we do on a much deeper level. This helps because we can become the shapers and builders of our own state of mind, and do it awake and conscious of what we are doing. We become the creators of our own state of mind. We must take personal responsibility in doing this. SOCT has been helping many come to the LIGHT in all of this. ~

About Violet Flame Decrees
What can help you achieve a better perspective of yourself, one which truly brings inner peace is to do violet flame decrees. The violet flame is a very powerful voice to guide and strengthen you. The voice of the Violet Flame transmutes all negativity and transgressions – past, present and future. Past manifestations through your words, thoughts, deeds, or acts will be transmuted and released. The misused energy now is used to create the new man or new woman – the Elah. Everyone needs to learn and say Violet Flame Decrees. You will notice a change in mood very fast. We can learn to direct our perspective in all situations. ~
Practicing SOCT techniques helps one nourish and train the inner-child. Be aware of what you tell yourself. Would you say the same things to the one you love? We have all been conditioned to think and believe a certain way. To undo bad thought patterns and actions of the past does not happen overnight. SOCT students know that proper growth takes time. ~
The violet flame is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Many of you have studied about the Hierarchies (mature spiritual and biological beings) placed in charge as overseers of our planet. Included in this group are the Ascended Masters. Ascended Master St. Germain is the overseer of all those practicing the violet flame techniques and is the specific Ascended Master to prepare and usher in the Aquarian Age. He is the lead Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and the Ascended Master that helped directly bring forth the creation of the United States of America. He is also Lord of the Seventh Ray which is the ray of Aquarius. ~

Sometimes St. Germain is called “the Keeper of the violet flame”. He is a master spiritual alchemist and is revealing his powerful techniques to the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

Guy Warren Ballard was Godfré Ray King. He was given a special visit by Count St Germain on Mount Shasta, California in 1930 and was a predecessor of Sir Eric William King chosen to help usher in the Aquarius Age through revealing the secret of the violet flame.  Ballard was told that while he and his wife (Lotus Ray King) were alive there would be nobody else that St Germain would speak through. Unfortunately Guy Ballard began to misuse the violet flame teachings in his later years and the communications stopped. ~

Saying Violet Flame Decrees

Violet Flames decrees are easy to learn and you can even write your own violet flame decrees. As you get in touch with your true personality and learn how to shape and develop your own character you become the Ideal Parent. Listed here are some old violet flame decrees which have helped many people. ~

-examples you can use-

Today the Violet Flame protects me
I will not worry about pleasing others
I will spend quality time with myself
I am not responsible for others thoughts
Violet Flame clean me
Violet Flame free me
I am clean
I am free

I am a being of Violet Fire
I will listen in love
I am a being of Violet Fire
I will speak the truth
I am a being of Violet Fire
In this flame of peace I am pure
I am a being of Violet Fire
I will help others when Divine Intelligence directs

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence
SWEEP the Violet Flame through me (3 times)

Almighty I AM

SWEEP the Violet Flame through me (3)

I am clean and I am good

SWEEP the Violet Flame through me (3)

I am at peace and I am strong

SWEEP the Violet Flame through me (3)

Love, Wisdom, and Power

Though others simply do not understand
I have the Violet Flame at hand
Through the strength of Cosmic Love
I will rise above
The Violet Flame has taken all the bad
There is no room to be sad
The Violet Flame has made me glade
I walk in God’s strength

Today I will rest
I have nothing to lose
All people struggle and learn
I am not the only one
Knowing this
I thank you God
God is greater than all
The violet flame surrounds me
Thank you God

I will respect myself
Violet Flame flows through me clean
Violet Flame cleans my thoughts
Violet Flame makes me whole
I am good, I am strong
Violet Flame transmutes all wrong
I am forgiven and loved
I am not afraid to learn

Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] wants you to look at yourself in a new and better way. We can become aware as we stand in the Bright LIGHT of Quantum Level One Knowledge. All of us have our own personalities, gifted to us by Divine Intelligence. ~

~May you gain Peace Profound

~Sir Eric William King (April 25th 2017)

 “Each one of us develops our own individual and unique embodiment of the SOCT teachings.”  

~ Sir Eric William King

From Anoh ~ February 2014:

“We come to bring you the Truth in this final stage of human development on this planet. This message you must receive. It is absolutely important for your survival and your advancement. If you are to entire [fill up] a new phase of growth a number of brids [human hybrids] must arise to bring stability and equilibrium to your current situation. Only this will be able to create extended preservation. Humans have the opportunity in this time to emerge in the Greater Community, that of the extraterrestrial. The choice is yours.” (Anoh) ~

Science Of Christian Thought Practice Nine: People over generalize in their interpretation of how things happen. One might say; “If I do that I always fail”. Or, “Every time I try that I fail thus I will always fail.” This is also a trap. Be careful when analyzing situations. Notice also how you use the word “always”. By noticing how you construct your thoughts through sentences you will begin to see that you may have painted yourself into many corners and thus you may feel trapped. Practice this awareness and change your perspective, walk into a better reality. ~ LEARN ALL NINE ACHIEVEMENTS 


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