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Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 SOCT Thoughts - read and ponder

SOCT Paper 209

SOCT Thoughts - read and ponder

“Please understand, SOCT does not teach that we are born having a mind that is completely blank from which we decide what to put into it. SOCT teaches that personal experience is crucial and significant in character development but does NOT teach that character development happens inside an unstructured personality. True character development helps properly construct what is already in the personalityGod did not create robots. We are each different with our own gifts, likes and dislikes. God created diversity. What God likes to see is proper character development within each personality.” ~ From SOCT paper: “Proper understanding of self”

“A sinful-experience is an experience of extreme distortion containing pain [physical or emotional]. These experiences are usually repressed and tucked away in our personal unconscious mind [the holy place]. Because we are born with the sinful nature we have no way of properly interpreting these experiences and it is these very experiences that effect our distortion in choice making and decision making. They can cause psychosomatic ills. They become stumps or mental blocks [MB’s]. These can be fixed [cleared] through CTS.” ~ From SOCT paper: “Mental Blocks”

“Again, the Bible teaches that all humans have been given what we might call “innate moral intuitions”. So true morality is not just self-constructed. I will post more papers on the true understanding of MORALITY as we proceed. I hope that this short paper has placed some subjects for thinking in your mind as we proceed in our SOCT studies. Since the public appearance of “The Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant” on October 7th 2011 we have been challenging the prevailing Christian paradigm….pointing people back to TRUE CHRISTIANITY.” ~ From SOCT paper: “Understanding Morality”

SOCT research has been somewhat “ahead of the game” with this research. Vanderbilt University recently developed a “thinking cap” made out of nylon which housed electrodes that measure electrical brain activity. They were able to apply a mild current to the frontal cortex of a human which showed an increase in healthy brain activity. Their study proved that only after a 20 minute charge a person could speed up the thought process. They tested using memory games.”  ~ From SOCT paper: “Technology Brain Boost”

“The final message is full of light and compassion. It comes to all of us from higher worlds. This Divine Message is helping us to restructure our own morphogenetic field of energy. Through quantum geometry we can make the shift together. We are all experiencing radical shifts in personal emotional experience and thought.” ~ From SOCT paper: “The Shift”

“Throughout the Humans life he or she has accumulated Sinful Experiences [SE’s]. These basically amount to distorted definitions of events one has witnessed or experienced. The Human mind is full of distortion because of retained SE’s held up in the memory banks of the Human mind. To get rid of these one must accept Jesus Christ and repent. They must then begin to download proper information and through proper prayer and obedience to Static Moral Law they must learn to confront error and aberrated thoughts. Through acceptance of Holy Spirit they can discover older SE’s held within the memory banks and eliminate them completely. One thus begins to form new thought patterns and create new and healthy mind channels. Science Of Christian Thought offers what is called Pathway Technology which allows one to achieve proper Christian Clarity and maturity.” ~ From SOCT paper: “The Identity Seed”

“Because our Master Jesus Christ created this world and came into this world He shines His enlightenment upon human children that they might venture to see Him. Within every human heart lies what we call the Hidden Chamber. Inside the heart of every human being sparks the Gift of Life. God’s Vital Life Force is even in the evilest of persons who ever lived. Only Divine Intelligence creates and sustains life.” ~ From SOCT paper: “The Light of Christ”

“If we do not understand our need for God then we will replace this need with a distorted and twisted need for things that are impermanent. Man has come to the belief that he can ‘figure it all out’ by himself. Man does not believe that he needs God so he goes on in a cycle of needs and wants and never finds what he truly needs. The Bible says that without the right information [information that God wishes to give] man is “tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” [Ephesians 4:24]” ~ Sir Eric W. King

Science Of Christian Thought offers the proper teachings to learn more about your spiritual center and how to properly use it. Through meditation and dream states you can begin to consciously experience great flashes and points of “inner light” through this center. Some of you have experienced this not knowing what you have truly tapped into. It is the conscious reality of all of this which creates spiritual awareness – this can masterly be directed to attain self-control and greater awareness. Creative Intuitivity pores forth from this eye.” ~ From SOCT paper: “The Single Eye”

“We use science because science opens our understanding to new areas of spiritual exploration. In all of us we ultimately become our own teachers. As we accumulate experiences and knowledge we gain wisdom. SOCT offers “papers” which contain much wisdom and knowledge that can help anybody who wants to receive rich spiritual experiences. Different groups have printed out and used some of our papers for discussions in their own groups. To us science and spirituality are wedded points on one continuum.” ~ From SOCT paper: “Healthy Perspective”

SOCT language:

Anoean (Mother Ship)
Begotten Child of God
Christian Thinking Skills (CTS)
CI (control issues)
Cosmic Law
Cosmic Plan
Divine Intelligence
Divine Matrix
Divine Mind Channel
Evolutionary Level Above Human (Elah)
Fallen Matrix
Identity Seed
Karma Yoga
Laodicean Era
MB’s (mental blocks)
Midway Being
MOCA (mocha)
Pathway Technology
Quantum Level One Knowledge
Seventh Age
Seventh Era
Seventh Message
Seventh Time
Sinful Experiences (SE’s)
Spiritual Eye
The Keepers
The KT Event
The Nine Achievements
The Watchers
Three Mental Options (T- MO)
Triple “A”
Violet Flame
White Light

“We have reached the year 2017 with you. This year will be the year of human honesty, that is, the year that truth will be tested. You humans need to become more honest with yourselves and all that surrounds you - if you are to fulfill even a small portion of the Seventh Message. ~ Anoh

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