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Friday, May 12, 2017

Science Of Christian Thought - Beliefs and Views

SOCT Paper 208

Science Of Christian Thought - Beliefs and Views
By Sir Eric William King

~ Science Of Christian Thought teaches freedom of religion. We teach science, morality, spirituality, religious unity and hold to the core of our faith which is Christian. We use the Christian Bible in our teachings along with numerous other biblical books which are not included in the current biblical cannon. We worship God as we individually understand God [Divine Intelligence]. We study other faiths and learn from all religions and cultures. ~

~ We believe in extraterrestrial life and that there are numerous races of beings both biological and spiritual [interdimensional beings]. We believe that there is what humans would call both good and bad beings from (on) every level. ~

~ We believe in static scientific laws which are specific to their time and dimension. We believe that humans are experiencing the third dimension and we also believe that humans have the capability to perceive and experience what one might call “higher dimensions”. ~

~ We believe in natural selection and in evolution. We believe that our evolution was Divinely Guided by higher beings and ultimately by Divine Intelligence [God]. We believe that our entire planet is still being guided and helped by higher beings. ~

~ We believe that there have been many struggles on this planet of ours and that there have been celestial wars [heavenly wars] between higher beings during our early development.  We believe that there are still struggles going on between entities which have been in our universe since its beginning. ~

~ We believe in Divine Law which includes all scientific laws and moral laws between all entities on every level. We believe that science and religion [spiritual concepts, beliefs and understandings] are eternally wedded and that both are needed to further progress on every level. ~

~ We believe that our planet is going through a “great change” on every level and that we (Science Of Christian Thought – SOCT) are here now in this time/space continuum to help deliver better understandings as all life on this planet goes through this last great transition. ~

~All are welcome to freely study our beliefs. There are no fines, fees or forms. May you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (May 10th 2017)


SOCT Thought Contemplations

“We believe in values. - By ‘values’ we mean the importance and worth of something. The world’s values will seem opposite to God’s values. When Christians experience this it can cause “false guilt” and make them feel like misfits. True Christianity can get difficult but it is all worth it. True character development takes growing pains. ~

morals + values = perception ~

To those who choose not to believe in God this life is all there is. This creates a major distortion regarding the value we place on people and our perception of morality. Worldy people will be seen placing more value on the elements of life which cause them pleasure. They will fall under a higher score regarding the SOCT understanding of the “Interest Factor” when it comes to “collecting” things. Christians will learn to develop ETERNAL VALUES. Christians manifest a better stability and less stress in the area of moral choice making.” ~ From SOCT paper, “Understanding Basic Morality”


Science Of Christian Thought does not separate God’s moral laws from any other of His laws. Albert Einstein said that the greatest mystery of the universe is the fact that it could be understood. He meant that there are laws…why are there laws? “Law and Order” denotes intelligence and when we look everywhere and see the beautiful laws in motion interacting with one another we see Divine Relationship in motion. We see Divine Intelligence in everything. Apostle Paul of the Christian Bible stated: “God can be seen in the things of creation.” How wonderful it is to begin to become conscious of God in all that we do and see. ~

“…when then we behold all these things and countless others, can we doubt that some Being is over them, or some Author…some Governor of so stupendous a work of construction?” ~ Cicero, Tusculan Disputations TD pp.79-83 ~

Now how we use these laws is very important. All laws can be used for good or bad. We must use them for good, to build healthy societies, to uplift fallen man, to help those who need help. We are each individually held responsible for how we use the laws that God has revealed to us. We must be good stewards of that which we have been given.” ~ From; “SOCT Looks At Cosmic Law”

“You have laid down precepts that are to be fully obeyed.” ~ Psalm 119:4 ~

~Sir Eric William King

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