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Friday, May 12, 2017


SOCT ~ Craft behind the ISS speeding off


This picture taken at 12:11pm (February 7th 2017) in California, Yosemite National Forest
~Anohite Craft~

This picture sent to us January 19th 2017. This is our most recent. Sent by SOCT student Lisa  Steiger. She has zoomed in on this Anohite craft and she claims that it continued to dip in and out of focus at extremely high speeds. She said she got the impression that it was not inhabited but instead that it was a Anohite drone craft. This is one of the closest pictures of an Anohite craft ever sent to us.

Taken by Eric King over his mountain home - July 3rd 2015

 These ones are partuclarly special because Anoh was in this craft while the pictures were taken. Other people witnessed UFO events on July third.

Above was taken in 1999 - witnessed by several COGSR/SOCT 
students (back then we were known as Zerubian Students)
during Mountain Retreat Meeting near Yosemite California

Above picture taken by Eric King on July 3rd 2015
Notice Eric's dog (Shiloh) at bottom of picture

Above taken by Doug Anderson above his mountain home 
on July 3rd 2015

Final picture from July 3rd event taken three miles away from
Anohite famous hot spot in California

1927 - Oregon. Taken in Cave Junction, Oregon. There is some question as to whether the photo was taken in '26 or '27, but nonetheless, if this is an authentic photograph it is incredible. Reportedly snapped by a volunteer fireman.

Above: Photos taken from Paul and Evelyn Trent's back yard on May 11, 1950.

1965-Santa Ana, California. August 3. Taken by highway traffic engineer Rex Heflin, while driving near the Santa Ana freeway. Heflin did not report his sighting, but the photographs were published by the Santa Ana Register on 09-20-65.

1965-Santa Ana, California


as SOCT informed

World about to be told ALIENS EXIST and are HERE on EARTH, say ... › News › Weird

Mar 31, 2017 - Related articles. George W. Bush pressed about top-secret alien disclosure files .... Will2017 be year Donald Trump announces aliens exist?

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