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Friday, May 12, 2017

The First Achievement & Prayer

SOCT Paper 207

The First Achievement & Prayer

“Not being attached to traditional thinking makes one much more creative.” ~ Sir Eric William King

Science Of Christian Thought teaches SOCT Karma Yoga. This is our path as Mystic Christians. We hold to the Ten Commandments as lived by Jesus Christ as being our moral guide. We allow the Holy Spirit which lives in all true Christians to help guide our everyday lives. We make decisions based on the understanding of our personal faith. Our religion guides every action of our lives. We understand that you cannot truly separate your spiritual perception from your everyday life. ~

The first achievement listed in our “Nine Achievements” states: ~

 1 - Starting the Day

First Achievement: Develop a personal relationship with Divine Intelligence. Every time you awake after rest sit upright in a comfortable chair and pray. Thank God for your life, your day and all blessings. Ask that Divine Intelligence never leave your conscious throughout the day. Then do one or more Violet Flame Decrees. Each day must be started like this. Never should any one of these steps be skipped.” ~ The 1st Achievement ~


One of the best times to pray is when you get up from sleep. Begin your morning silence by lifting up your heart in prayer. Talking to Divine Intelligence and establishing a powerful personal relationship with God is pertinent to achieve true spiritual growth and enlightenment.  Spending the first precious awakening state of your time in prayer for even only a few moments works for the good. ~

God has already given you so many blessings. It is time to be thankful as well as sending prayers out for others who are in need. It is your thought and spoken word which stands between you and the invisible, the visible and invisible connect. We also recommend saying Decrees [Affirmations]. We use the Violet Flame visualizations and affirmations. This spiritual flame purges and cleans us every morning of all bad mind channels. It is the power of the Holy Spirit working in your life. The spiritual alchemical fire of your soul, that which helps cleanse, is the Violet Flame. By decreeing is to assert that it is so, whatever you affirm begins to work if your motives are just and right. You can actually create with your “spoken word”. ~

You will gain a sense of power and control when you have studied and learned the ways of SOCT Karma Yoga. We will always have something to work on spiritually speaking. As we become aware of our situation and we become honest with ourselves we sense the conscious work of God in our lives. ~

Remember, Divine Intelligence is always moving with us. Your decreeing mixed with true faith is the link which connects you to the Divine Mind Channel. We ask that you begin to study seriously our metaphysical science and learn the entire Seventh Message. Welcome to Science Of Christian Thought. ~

~Sir Eric William King

“Start practicing the Nine Achievements today!”

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