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Friday, June 30, 2017

Connection to the Central Sun

SOCT Paper 214

Connection to the Central Sun

By Sir Eric William King

When Science Of Christian Thought talks about your Identity Seed we mean that part of you which is eternal, the little “God spark”. This little “spark” contains and individual and original personality.  This is the “true you”. This Identity Seed is developed through incarnations which happen throughout the multiple dimensions. You have arrived here on planet earth which we say is found in the third-dimension. ~

SOCT does not teach that people have “egos”. Instead we teach that all persons are simply personalities and that some of the personalities are healthy and some are not. There are “self-centered” personalities. What the personality does through differing incarnations is develop character. Character development involves many things including perfecting your gifted and innate skills. ~

NOTE: What is the human ego? Psychology defines it different ways so we will not attempt to do so here. I will try and explain how the Science Of Christian Thought explains the “human self”. Really, the word “ego” is a man made idea which tries to express the “driving self” within man. SOCT simply refers to yourself as the “Identity Seed”, your gifted personality. Now you can have a healthy personality or an unhealthy personality…it’s that simple in SOCT. ~

SOCT does not teach that a person has to somehow destroy his or her “ego” to become enlightened - simply because we do not recognize the entity of “self” as being an “ego”. We do believe that a person’s “personality” can be self-centered and unhealthy. Some may say that this is simply a “semantical issue”, but really it is not. ~

Understanding your Inner Connections

SOCT teaches that your identity seed is incased in a special ethereal membrane and is located in or near your pineal gland and from thence it charges the spine. Your Identity Seed has an inner portal which allows you to have connection to and through all dimensions and into the Divine Matrix. This “tunnel” has been called the Silver Cord. Traveling consciously through this silver cord we cross the Liminal-line of Consciousness. We begin to see Sophia (Holy Spirit) and she leads us to the Great White Light. ~

NOTE: The human Identity Seed resides near the pineal gland behind the forehead and basically back into and around the center of the brain. It entered your human body and “fitted” itself when you came out of your mother’s womb entering through the top of your head [crown chakra]. While you were growing in your mother’s womb your identity seed came down through the top of your mothers head [her crown chakra] and resided in the womb near the development of your head and brain but it did not truly enter your body until you took your first human breath outside of the womb. The baby has a soft spot on its head where the entry occurs. Over time the human skull further develops and the soft spot goes away. ~

At the back of your head your human skull has a big opening called the medulla oblongata. Through this opening your entire body receives an influx of Vital Life Force which energies your brain to run on low hertz volts and begins to surge throughout your wiring [all of your nerve paths which run down your spinal column].  Your spirit [Identity Seed] begins to connect its energies with your human brain and spinal cord in conjunction with its use of the pineal gland. Once this happens you truly awake into the physical world of being. You are now a spirit operating in a human body. ~

Connection Through the Logos

The Great White Light is the omniscience of Divine Intelligence in full relationship with the ALL. This Great White Light has been called your personal “I AM” presence, where God dwells in full. Once consciously present in this state you are in the Central Sun, the Great Spiritual Sun. This is the point from which all that is and ever shall be has come forth and this is also where all returns. ~

It is the Living Logos [Word of God] which brings the awareness of your connection to the Divine. By crossing the Liminal-line of Consciousness you get the connection to the Christ [Logos]. When your Inner Eye and spiritual ears begin to behold and listen to the Logos you have made it through to the Divine Mind Channel. This is the science of Christian thought. ~

NOTE: The Divine Mind Channel can be experienced at the Causal Mind level. Your four lower bodies and your three higher bodies make up your Seven Bodies. There are of course subdivisions within each of the seven bodies that we will not cover in this SOCT paper however we will take a closer look at your 4th body, the Mental. This is the highest body of your four lower bodies. Now in your fourth body (the Mental or Causal Body) there are seven divisions. Only the first four of the regions in the mental body comprise the common thought process of man. However there are three higher regions of the mental body which reside just outside of your physical body but are connected to the four lower bodies of your physical body through what is called your “life stream”. ~

Begin Your Inner Connection

By studying the Science Of Christian Thought you can begin to practice SOCT Karma Yoga. You can begin the SOCT meditations and thought practices [CTS]. These will help you begin to connect to all parts of yourself. You will become more aware of who you are. Your identity in yourself will become strong through the study of proper science and theology. ~

Please continue your studies here at Science Of Christian Thought. ~

~ Sir Eric William King (June 27th 2017)

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