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Friday, June 30, 2017

For where your heart is…..

SOCT Paper 213

For where your heart is…..

You are connected to all dimensions through your Silver Cord. This Silver Cord is an interdimensional portal and its gateway is located in your Third Eye, your pineal gland. The Light Of Christ shines down upon you now and then and this gives you the reality of the Divine Presence. Through this very portal you travel when you dream at night. Sometimes you go only into and within the astral plane and other times you take your more ethereal body (Vital Body) and travel to the differing training locations on our planet earth. ~

Coming down through this tunnel into your heart is the Vital Life Force. At your heart center there is the heart chakra. This sacred energy center is where you are to symbolically write the name of God on your heart. Once you truly accept the indwelling of the Holy Spirit this becomes your Christ Center where the “I AM” presence even dwells. ~

It is in this very center that you learn to attune your frequencies to the Divine Mind channel. Divine Mind has a differing mind set, higher frequencies, vibritory differences that you must learn to attune to. By doing so you have become a midway-being. ~

At your heart chakra we find the two triangles coming together forming what has been called “the Star of David”. The triangle pointing up represents your human energy reaching up. The triangle pointing down represents the Divine Mind channel dipping into your frequency to make contact. Once these energies are balanced you begin to experience MOCHA (Mind Of Christ Action). ~

Your Threefold Flame

Again: A main location of extra and special charge within your body lies within the human heart. In this location you have a special energy point where Vital Life Force delicately oversees all the functions of your human body. We call this the Hidden Chamber of the Heart. The special energy which resides here is three-fold in manifestation. It can be pictured as a threefold flame. These three flames spiral together. The first flame is blue (power), the second flame is yellow (wisdom) and the third flame is pink (love). When these three flames are in balance great enlightenment occurs. It is the purpose of the Science Of Christian Thought to help you understand these metaphysical secrets and to begin to utilize the inner power potential that YOU have by becoming a true Christian in direct connection with Divine Intelligence. ~

This threefold flame is sometimes called the “divine spark” and if you have received the Holy Spirit it is called the “Christ flame”. In the ancient Skt. It is called “Ananda-Kanda” which means “root of joy”. This chamber is not manifest on the physical plane but it is manifested in the higher vibration of the spiritual plane. It is not discerned by physical science much like the smallest particles of the atom cannot be seen in the physical plane. ~

Practice the SOCT meditations and may you gain Peace Profound,

~Sir Eric William King

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