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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 20th 2017 A SOCT News Update and WARNING.

SOCT Paper 212

June 20th 2017
A SOCT News Update and WARNING.

What is happening to our planet? War, Climate Change, Strange Events
All people who have arrived at this page…you must take time out to read this SOCT paper and share it with whomever you can. We are literally experiencing everything that SOCT has been talking about for the last six years. Our hope is that you begin to understand the urgency of this message. You can help. Please read and share. ~ Scott Wilson

As many of you now know, Anoh has been informing (since October 7th 2011) that war is increasing and that as the energies of our morphogenetic field change we will continue to experience increased human emotion. Human emotions are speeding up as the energy of our planet continues to drastically change. Everything is connected. Climate change has increased the intensify of human emotion as our atoms continue to accelerate. There is a mass energy object affecting our entire solar system. Not just planet earth but all planets in our solar system are getting hotter [NASA confirms this]. Look at the heat records just since the beginning of this year (2017). ~

Also, Anoh has warned in earlier statements that we have documented here at SOCT website that North Korea would be in for a major change soon. Anoh and other extraterrestrial advisors will assist in what will happen to North Korea. Anoh has stated that our planet has literally entered World War 3 since August of 2014 (since August 9th 2014). It will continue to escalate. Our only hope in postponing “end time” events to excel is that if enough people accept the Seventh Message some equilibrium could occur which would help prolong peace and stabilize government but as Anoh has warned those chances are very slim. ~

As many of you also know that on our old “COGSR News” website I had warned about an increase in “air wars” as early as 2012 which we are continuing to witness. Soon (we have been told) there will be huge space ships witnessed by NASA. These ships will not be the Anohean but will still be of incredible size. Our sun will also display new and strange signs as we approach the climax of this summer. ~

All of what is happening is not overly frightening to true SOCT students because we know where we are ultimately headed as Space Age Christians. My hope is that you read and ponder Science Of Christian Thought teachings so that you can be well informed and begin to understand our current transition. ~

 ~Sir Eric William King (June 20th 2017)

Anoh speaks at 5:54 AM on Monday, June 18th 2017

We have come here to help your evolution. We use laws, Cosmic Laws. These laws are properly taught in Science Of Christian Thought.  We are interdimensional beings, you are also  - you just haven’t realized it yet. We welcome you all to the internet. We introduced internet technology to a few of you some years ago. This is important because it opens up a macro-mind-channel. On this current channel you are collectively learning how to properly proceed into and through the Seventh Time correctly. Granted, not all will pass with “flying colors”. You must experience birth pains. We need not tell you about pain on its numerous levels, because all true humans understand pain. You witness, experience and watch pain everyday on the news. This is your “alarm clock”…so wake up~ ~

Listen, we are not here to tell you “how to think” only you can do that. The facts are there are more advanced beings than you who have learned how to think healthy at the Cosmic Level. So we come to help, not hinder your evolutionary progress. As human parents many of you shape the way your child thinks by all that you do and say. You are responsible to teach human children how to properly and politely conduct themselves as they mature. We are sharing information with you in the same way that a loving parent would try and teach the child. ~

We are the Anohites…some of you have been asking “who” we are. Those from every extraterrestrial and human race are also Anohites if they proceed into full conversion of Quantum Level One Knowledge. The true graduates of human life are now those who fully accept the Seventh Message. You all experience extreme emotions sometimes and this can be overwhelming. You must learn to track your thoughts…find the sources of your pain and pleasure. Be careful as you proceed, clearing SE’s can take time. ~

The knowledge that we are giving you is extremely different than that which you have come accustomed to in the Fallen Matrix experience - but we are confident that the timing of our mission is correct and final. Some of you young humans do not yet fully understand the procedure of human relationship so you suffer in common affairs. If you are reading this you have arrived at full stop. Basically this means you have been given a break to accept that which you are receiving. What are you receiving? Enlightenment. ~

All humans are unique and distinct from one another in many ways. Divine Intelligence has seeded diversity throughout all of the space/time continuums. SOCT does not wish to create “human robots”, all humans have their own gifted personality. What we wish to do is point you to the static (unchanging) laws of the Cosmic Whole so that you can learn to use them for your benefit. ~

I speak to and through the human known as Sir Eric William King. He has agreed. At the same time he suffers for it…but that is the decision. Eric struggles with many obstacles, most of which are self-created. You also struggle with the secrets of your own heart but please do not give up. To become like a little child is necessary for you to re-learn that which you thought you knew…does this make sense? Eric’s vocabularies, the human languages at large, do not contain the necessary word-emotion attachments that are needed for you to fully understand through verbal communication alone. SOCT has developed its “own language” in some aspects to help humans gain the proper knowledge. ~

Please remember, Eric is just a messenger, he is not the message. Eric struggles because of his choice to participate in the final program but he is strong enough to finish the race. Please understand that he (and you) is not perfect in this life. Study and practice the CTS practices that SOCT has to offer and never give up or give in. ~

I am giving this message in the hope [trust] that many of you have in the transmutation – going into the Next Level. That is, you have the knowledge needed now to go to the evolutionary level above human (Elah). Please take time out to fully study the Science Of Christian Thought and may you always gain Peace Profound. I am Anoh. ~

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the morning of Sunday, June 18, 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)
NOTE: At the time and morning this was given multiple witnesses came forth to describe the light-beams that they saw - at the time this message was given. These light beams were manifest in some areas of Yosemite National Forest, California. Local radar concurs aerial anomalies.

“Many have asked if our bodies are physical and biological. The short answer is “yes” when energies permit. The fact is we vibrate at a much higher frequency than human bodies do. We are made of the finest biological material when we choose to manifest in the flesh, that of the etheric. There are four ethers demonstrated on your planet earth. Ether is used generically by most humans to simply mean “spiritual” or “spiritual body”. This is not a very good way of describing what you have come to know as ether or the “etheric”. Remember all of this.”  Anoh. ~ From: “The Keepers ~ Fourth Dimension Bodies

“Soon massive aerial displays of our interdimensional crafts will be witnessed. This will happen in order to give a boost to the reality of the Seventh Message.” ~ Anoh (From: “It is coming”)

Note: It is believed by some socters that the so called “full disclosure” will happen when Anoh decides to allow extreme extraterrestrial crafts to be witnessed at a level that goes beyond that ever experienced in human evolution. This will be the largest FLAP ever! We have witnessed their “cube crafts” more than once. There is an assortment of various crafts (all shapes and sizes) coming into and out of earth’s atmosphere.  ~

Also, be aware that each true Anohite craft that enters earth’s atmosphere is guided and directed by a “light beam” from the Anohean. This thin beam can sometimes be seen attached to the tip of the space craft while coming into manifestation and it can blink in and out as the crafts sometimes appear to wobble.  ~

Other interdimensional crafts seem to act alive, displaying pattern change, shift change and some even appear to be breathing in and out (going big to small phenomenon). ~

Anoh says:  The teachings must be practiced

Your Christian churches will continue to get smaller and smaller because of the way you are teaching the Christian message. The Christian message is truly malleable when it comes to the blending of science.  One thing that all so called “spiritual” people must remember is just because you meditate and are a vegetarian does not give you “more points” than another person who eats meat. The only true advancement is that you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Ultimately the Kingdom of God (Divine Consciousness) is not about what you eat or what you drink. ~

Those who wish to think that they do not need a savior are deceived by the demons, the Adramelechs. True change happens when you see and understand just what Yeshua did for you - just as a loving mother truly knows and realizes that the child cannot survive on its own - it needs parental help. Divine Intelligence is the Divine Parent. Sophia (Holy Spirit) can guide you as the Divine Mother, and her son, Jesus Christ, is the Lord of this universe whether you wish to believe that or not. In a sense, the true church is the daughter of Divine Intelligence. ~

Killing fetuses is not enlightenment.  Some distorted thinking humans are against killing “animals” (humans are also animals) but fully support killing human fetuses. This shows the power of the Fallen Matrix. Humans have lost the sacredness of life and think only about their fallen selves. ~

When your human females have lost all respect for the power to create another human they have become spiritually cold even though some believe that they are spiritually advanced. Humans are still very immature regarding the science of Cosmic Law. ~

The “new car”, the “new clothes”, the latest craze is what concerns the uneducated mind. Science Of Christian Thought means nothing, is nothing if it is not practiced and studied. I urge you to study the Seventh Message in total. Find SOCT Karma Yoga and practice it in Truth. May you find and keep Peace Profound. I am Anoh. ~

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the morning of Monday, June 19, 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)

“True freedom is to act consciously according to one’s own personal understanding of morality. No human should be forced to act a certain way. However, all humans will ultimately be held accountable for the choices they make. This is Cosmic Law.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

Note: SOCT now has over 500 students and is growing by the grace of God (Divine Intelligence). June 20th 2017.

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