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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SOCT Ponders

SOCT Paper 211

SOCT Ponders
The following paragraphs are taken from an assortment of SOCT papers which cover many subjects. Please enjoy and ponder. Test your own SOCT knowledge through these nuggets of Truth. ~ Compiled by Mike Spencer – June 12th 2017

“True Christians are receiving their information from higher sources. Those beings (angels) which came down and guided the people of God, those crafts (pillars of fire) that guided God’s ancient people, the Divine Message that came down and was given to Moses all prove that Christianity is truly an EXTRATERRESTRIAL RELIGION. We have been challenged by the star beings to rise above fallen human nature into the Next Level. By connecting with the Divine Mind channel you make the decision to proceed into this higher reality.” ~ E.W.King, from: “A Word on Mind Channels & Thought Patterns ~ SOCT” ~

“SOCT students have been able to produce bursts of neurogenesis through interfacing with extraterrestrial mind channels. This is why we consider our process as being that of a “hybrid” transformation. Please understand, when we talk about Divine Intelligence we are directly always referring to God. But also understand that all ET intelligence is operating through and in Divine Intelligence. This simply means that SOCT students have been able to activate greater use of their brains due to SOCT knowledge and activation of that knowledge because of interfacing with the Divine Mind Channel.” ~ E.W.King, from: “Being fused” ~

“In the early years of our lives we begin to program our brains. How the child is raised and learns to copy behavior, that of his or her parents and others around is extremely important. Being raised by parents who understand God’s moral laws and live them is very important. Being raised by Holy Spirit filled people is very important. Unfortunately not all children have this privilege.” ~ E.W.King, from: “How should SOCT students deal with bad habits?” ~

So what we call “special beings” or sometimes IB’s [Intelligent Beings] inhabited our early planet. The life forms back then no longer exist today. Many of the trees and plant life have become extinct. The planet looked much different back then than it does now. These angelic beings had glorified physical bodies. Their identity seeds [spirits] were covered with koshas [sheaths] much like our physical bodies are today. In order for an identity seed to manifest in the physical world it must take on a physical body. These ancient angelic beings had what we call “glorified bodies”. They looked Human but they had higher and finer energy levels. These bodies were able to live very long lives in the physical realm.” ~ E.W.King, from: “SOCT ~ First bodies on our planet~

“At the most fundamental level all energy and our physical universe remains a complete mystery to mundane scientists. However, Science Of Christian Thought teaches that all is here, all exists because of the Living Word…the “vibration creation”. This Word also is a prime and Supreme PersonalityDivine Intelligence. We are little reflections of this Intelligence running around in physical, vibratory bodies. It is the Intelligence which determines the vibrational frequencies which make up Cosmic Law and hold all that is or ever shall be together. Simply put, the Word is another name for Divine Intelligence but more specifically it refers to God’s creative power. All energy is consciously being reflected and activated in each of its various forms.” ~ E.W.King, from: “Thoughts On Science & Religion~

“It was Plotinus who stated that human eyes must have a portion of the “sun” in them because they can see. Seeing light and feeling light meant that you must be a part of that light. Physical light denoted spiritual light. Light became the “source of intelligence”. The ancient Egyptians believed that the eye represented spiritual enlightenment and even direct contact with Divine Intelligence. ~ E.W.King, from: “The single eye – the third Eye”~

“We believe that there have been many struggles on this planet of ours and that there have been celestial wars [heavenly wars] between higher beings during our early development.  We believe that there are still struggles going on between entities which have been in our universe since its beginning.” ~ From California Socters

“As Christians we understand the impact of sin. As Christians we have moved into the True Matrix of Christian Reality while living in the false matrix of Satan’s world. We have downloaded the Word of God through the power of His Holy Spirit. Sometimes, Satan tries to download his false and corrupt programs back into our minds. However, because we have the ‘anti-virus’ of Holy Spirit we can recognize the false program and begin to delete it.” ~ E.W.King, from: “The Virus of Sin”~

“It is time to speak the deep spiritual truths of the waves. The waves will wash over this planet and this planet will hear the Seventh Message. There is no “one messenger” of the three waves. Though people have spoken and books have been written…it means nothing in the big picture. All people are messengers of some sort…nobody owns the Message.” ~ Mike Spencer, from: “The Shimmering…what is the Message?” ~

“Some of the higher ranking non-physical Adramelechs have taken on fine physical bodies. They do this through the process of demonic possession. The greater spirit beings miss their once glorified bodies which they lost during the KT Rebellion event thus they long to have a physical body back. Now they can only do this through the process of possession. They must share the physical body of the host.” ~ E.W.King, from: “The Alien Rods are here on planet Earth” ~

“Many true Christians have a hard time forgiving others. We all deal with this issue off and on throughout our daily lives. But God challenges us to forgive. Without the Help of the true Holy Spirit it is mostly impossible. Many of us find a struggle of harboring bitterness against those who have wronged us. The simple and profound answer is, you can give this struggle to God. He is big enough to take care of the problem.” ~ E.W.King, from: “Healing Hurts” ~

“Because fallen human conscience is distorted it is thus perverted. What most psychologists call “human nature” the Bible calls “sinful nature” or “fallen nature”. Man tries to excuse what the Bible calls “sin” with the phrase: “Oh’ it’s just basic human nature.” This is why the Church of God has warned about the false doctrines and dangerous issues of “human psychology”.  As Christians we believe in the revealed Word of God and that God has provided the perfect and unfailing answers to the human condition. Fallen human nature is something that Christians are trying to overcome.” ~ E.W.King, from: “A Closer Look at what people call; “Human Nature” ~

“This planet has entered World War Three since August 9th 2014. SOCT has documented this. This war will continue to escalate until it happens, full out war. Science Of Christian Thought does not want this to happen nor does it wish to create some kind of “false fear”. We have been informed by the Anohites that too many sparks are flaring. We have been giving the Seventh Message of Hope for this planet for years now and still not many people have awoken to humanities sad situation.” ~ E.W.King, from: “War Escalating ~ Warning from SOCT” ~

“When we fall short, as all humans do, we have our blessed Master, Yeshua [Jesus] the Christ to help keep us on the Path. Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Master and especially in this Seventh Era of history. SOCT continues to warn the inhabitants of this planet that if their decision is to reject, cut-down, ignore and speak bad about the true Christian Message [the Seventh Message] then this planet does not have much time left. We are in the Laodicean Era of the Christian Church where most are found sleeping, they are not spiritually awake.” ~ E.W.King, from: “Spiritually Awake in the Seventh Time” ~

“As new thought pathways open through contemplating the teachings of SOCT one can learn to adapt. Adaptation is important. Learning to adapt in a powerful way to the current troubles of life is important. You need “thought-tools”, the New Perspective. Even those who struggle with issues due to genetic patterns, you can still find the power of SOCT. Remember, our moment to moment outlooks can be held for the good through SOCT techniques.”  ~ E.W.King, from: “Sustaining Proper Thought ~ SOCT” ~

“SOCT teaches that all is connected and that all is in some kind of communication. All is quantum entangled. Humans must understand the subtlety in their own communications. Everything you do sends messages, every thought you think creates a wave. Learn to become a Master through the practice of Science Of Christian Thought teachings. SOCT teachings help you create a better connection with Divine Intelligence. Through spiritual devotion, love, service, humility and compassion the student excels.” ~ ET Anoh, from: “Anoh speaks out! ~ April 17th 2017” ~

“Earths weather will become extremely unpredictable. Changes…weather records will escalate. The changing is happening.” ~ ET Anoh, from: “It’s Coming” (2017) ~

War and large troop movements will be witnessed. Weapons flung in this direction and that. Air wars. Weather patterns on huge levels will rush forth. Global shifts on every level like never before witnessed on their way. So what must we - or what can we do? SOCT offers great change for the better on a personal level first and then gives messages on how to help heal the entire planet. Will we survive the birth pains? Why would anybody turn away from the Science Of Christian Thought right when it is needed the most?” From California Socters (We welcome you!) ~ 2016

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