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Saturday, June 10, 2017

SOCT Thought, June 2017

SOCT Paper 210

SOCT Thought

We have so much to offer when it comes to proper human thinking. We hope that you continue to ponder our teachings and let them change your life for the better. Read and share. – Mike Stern (2011 socter, “We live!”)

“When we look at what many scientists refer to as “biological evolution” they sometimes refer to what is known as “punctuated equilibrium”. This basically means that for a species to “evolve” or JUMP into a completely new species changes must occur simultaneously for it to work. What are the odds of millions of small and correctly adaptable mutations occurring all at once?”  ~ From SOCT paper: “Will we go beyond into a new creation?” E.W.King
“Emotional charges are caused by: environment, material objects (including food), living objects, sounds (including music), key words or topics, gender, specific individuals, etc. When these charges happen it may indicate a mental block [MB] and expose some sinful experience. These can be fixed through CTS.” ~ From SOCT paper: “Mental Blocks”, E.W.King

“The wonders in creation are far beyond the grasp of finite imagination. The enormousness of the universe staggers the best thinkers. As Christians we accept the fact that there is a Divine Intelligence behind it all. We believe that the God of the Bible is indeed the Creator of our universe. God’s infinite and perfect Reality is subject to expansion in our personal comprehension as we begin to study what He has placed before us. We see God’s personality traits in creation itself. God has infinite diversification of creation.” ~ From SOCT paper: “The Story of our Planet”, E.W.King

“When SOCT starts talking about extraterrestrial phenomenon most run in the other direction. I don’t mind because I completely understand the fear when it comes to this issue. Many original COGSR students know that we have hinted of an extraterrestrial knowledge in articles dating back to 2011. Some BLOGs have ridiculed us for this early on. This was to be expected. The fact is SOCT students do believe in extraterrestrials and we shock people by stating that we believe what the Bible calls “angels” are in fact these very entities.” ~ From SOCT paper: “SOCT Extraterrestrial Theological Knowledge”, E.W.King

“As I stated just towards the end of last year, we will see more atheists proudly proclaim their disbelief in God and spiritual realities. The modern seeker has problems with higher-realities due to the fact that there has been so much disinformation circulating this planet. Most people do not accept the existence of Divine Intelligence [God] or the idea of “gods”. On the contrary, most just believe that everything miraculously appeared out of nowhere one day. Many of the older religions and spiritual metaphors do not relate to the people of today.”  ~ From SOCT paper: “Anoh; “We will appear in your dreams.””, E.W.King

“Another bit of knowledge that SOCT speaks about is the fact that some ET beings have different “energy bodies”. Biological beings which have formed in the chemistry of other planets have differing functions than we have. We believe that the “ascenders”, those humans who graduate into ELAH’s [Level Above Human] at the end [destruction] of this planet will have attained what we call a Quantum Body. To do this they must first reach the “first stage” called mid-way. Humans who have reached the state of mid-way being are what the Bible anciently calls “Spirit filled Christians”. These are humans who have received the Holy Spirit [Divine Mind Implantation or impregnation]. This is when Divine Mind merges with the “spirit of man”. Those who have attained this most important level are also called “step-one-ers”. ~ From SOCT paper: “Pathway Technology ~ Quantum Leap & the Liminal- Line of Consciousness”, E.W.King

Keep tuned to our website and gain enlightenment. Peace profound!
~the socters

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