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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Closer Look at the Changing Planet ~ SOCT

SOCT Paper 218

Closer Look at the Changing Planet ~ SOCT

In this SOCT paper Anoh looks at some of the very important physical earth changes that we are all witnessing and compares some of them to what Eric has also warned about. Anoh & Eric have informed all who will listen that we are experiencing what they call “THE CHANGING”. We invite you to continue your studies with us and stay informed with factual knowledge regarding Science & Spirituality. Thanks. ~ Kevin Stole (“Rocken the Message J”) July 15th 2017 ~

Message from Anoh…..
Anoh talks of his existence and ours

Introduction from an older Anoh message. Please read this entire SOCT paper which summarizes some of the issues that your planet [Earth] is facing. It is good to stay awake, aware & alert (Triple ‘A’) to what is going on and to what is happening to your planet in this very important time, the Seventh Time. Please read and share. Thank you. ~
We are here and we are one. There is no doubt that you now know - at the subconscious level - of our existence. We are what you call “extraterrestrials” and we come from many points in your universe. I happen to be called Anoh and I come from what you call the “Sirius star system”. Even if you have a hard time consciously believing in me I still exist. Existence is a fact. When you look in the mirror you see a reflection and this reflection is coded with your personal information. ~

We understand you more than you know. We do not come forth to frighten you, though being scared can sometimes assist in proper growth. We are able to bring physical manifestation on your level - ourselves and our crafts but we are both truly ethereal/spiritual and biological, we cannot fully explain our level to you in human language. ~

We ask that you be patient and meticulously study and follow the SOCT teachings. As one does so he or she will begin to experience a greater wakefulness in all that they perform and this is a good start. We have given so much information through the Seventh Message and some of it must be carefully studied. This knowledge is extremely important for you. Spiritual and physical [ethereal] survival through the planets final transition is pertinent. Ultimately all of you will receive new bodies (containers) which will house your personal identity seed. ~

SOCT offers planet earth the final program and it does indeed remove the virus of sin if one goes through true conversion. Your current Christian understandings are forcing people to leave the churches. Why? Because you have not let Divine Intelligence continue to speak through the “Living word”. You need science in your message, you need evolution to properly grow. Science Of Christian Thought is allowing true Christians to come out of the closet and speak for this new program, this spiritual upgrade. ~

Climate Change – Pay Attention

I am going to tell you that the climate is changing in such a way that humans will be drastically affected. This is not a matter of politics, it is a scientific fact. As seventh-messengers you should press on in the Truth and spread the Seventh Message. It is pertinent that this mission becomes your purpose. SOCT researches its science. Many think that the messages that I give Eric are some kind of “make believe”. The facts are the facts. All SOCT science is real and able to be experienced.  You know this. ~

One subject that I will bring to your attention in this short transmission is the fact that your oceans are becoming more acidified. What does this mean? It means that ocean life is changing and changing fast. Your planets ecosystem is going through an accelerated evolution. Eric has related your planet to an aquarium in past SOCT articles: ~

We [humans] live on this planet [Earth] and are floating in somebody’s aquarium. It is interesting to think on this level. We see ourselves as “fish” in a giant “tank” controlled by the Divine Intelligence.  If you are a good “god” you will make sure your fish tank is clean and that the water is good and healthy for your fish. You will feed them right and you will give them the best food. Why? Because you are a “god” of love.” ~ Sir Eric W. King, from: “Earth is our Aquarium ~ SOCT” ~

People will Migrate & must Adapt
(SOCT/Anoh warnings as early as 1999-2000)

Ice is melting at your poles faster than many of you realize.  Sections of ice larger than ever witnessed before will break away and begin to rapidly melt. The temperatures in your oceans are flip flopping and causing animal migrations and major ecosystem changes. Eventually climate change will cause coastal humans to migrate inland. People will move out of Arizona due to severely increased heat temperatures. ~

Other world scientists from all over are aware of this situation. We read an old section from Eric’s 1999 paper, “The Shift” [Page from the original: “The Zerubian Myth – the Book of Zerub”] ~

“It could happen now at any moment…and your government knows it! What could happen? The greatest shift of the ages! In fact, it is already started. This planet is ready to go at any moment. The earth’s ozone is collapsing and may fold in on itself at any moment. Your scientists have known this since the early 80’s.”  ~

“The sun’s deadly ultraviolet rays are entering because of the ozone damage. This has created more and more cases of deadly cancer. The earth’s oceans are also dying at alarming speed. Plankton and phytoplankton are dying and this means that our oxygen is no longer producing itself to give air. No air…no life.” ~

“There is a whole long, long list of other major environmental problems that we are facing. The amount of toxins we have carelessly pumped into the ozone is irreversible. There is no way we can reverse what we have done…The deadly momentum to self destruction has begun.”  ~ From E.W.King, from “The Shift”, 1999 ~

When that was written not many humans knew about such a thing as “climate change”.  What do we know now is happening to your planet? Many things - and they are happening very fast. The increased acidity of your oceans is creating confusion and distortion upon your fish and all ocean life. Carbon dioxide levels (ppm) continue to rise. Your oceans are absorbing CO2. This causes increased chemical reactions which unfortunately increased acid levels. ~

Every civilization has had to face and deal with some sort of climate change. Being able to adapt is extremely important. Things are now happening fast again but on a much larger scale. Worsening climate change and political disruption create the ingredients for revolution at every level. ~

Increased CO2 in your oceans has proven to disrupt the speed of proper thinking in sharks and other ocean life forms. Humans who spend a lot of time in the ocean are also being affected. There has also been a steady increase of radiation found in your underwater ocean streams. The ice melting and temperature changes have caused new behavior in your planets jet stream. Also, as we have brought to your attention, your planets moon is moving away from your planet farther and farther every year. This will continue to change the jet stream flow and continue to create extreme flux changes and violent weather shifts. ~

*Weather will continue to reach “record breaking” events on every level. Pay attention. ~


Planet Earth is in “THE CHANGING”. ~

Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] has been warning about what it calls “THE CHANGING”. You must study to truly know what exactly is happening to your entire planet. ~
Past predictions from Sir Eric W. King coming to pass……..
Earth Changes for 2014…..given October 22, 2013

Sir E.W.King gives alarming information regarding our earth and changes it will undergo in the year 2014. These are only some of Eric’s prophecy forecasts for 2014. These have to do directly with our planet in these Last Days. [2014 Prophesy Forecasts by Sir E.W.King] Read and Share.  (Originally posted on: “COGSR News”)

Well, many of my prophecy forecasts made in 2012 regarding 2013 have come to pass. Now we need to continue to get ready and be awake, aware, and alert [Triple ‘A’] for the year 2014. I can only give you what I believe God [Divine Intelligence] is telling me to give you. We as true Christians are commanded to warn this fallen planet of what is coming. It is not fun giving out what the Bible has declared regarding the judgments on mankind but mankind has created his own environment and he now must reap what he has sowed. ~

God gives prophecy not to produce wrongful fear but to wake up those who He is calling into His true Church in these last days. I have warned that the year 2014 will see lakes go almost dry as the drought continues. I am not saying that we will not get rain; we will see very unstable weather patterns and strange storms. While this is all happening we will witness record breaking weather occurrences. ~

As I predicted, 2012 saw strange weather like never before. Floods like never before effected China. This resulted in 38 million people having to evacuate. This flooding cost China over $6.2 billion. Just this year [2013] as I predicted they experienced even more severe flooding. This created extreme shortages in drinking water. Speaking of drinking water, I predict that 2014 will begin to witness the dangers of severe water problems. With the drought we have a danger of dirty flood water just as we enter 2014. Nigeria witnessed the worst floods in 2012 also Australia witnessed severe flooding. As we continue to witness warmer ocean temperatures and a reduced Arctic ice cap strange things will begin to happen. ~

I predict that we will see faster pace melting of ice. This will be alarming. Science will begin to talk about strange patterns as the earth’s poles begin to shift “here a little, and there a little”. Another danger that will come to light having to do with the ocean is the fact of the depletion of ocean coral. Oysters will also continue to die off at an alarming rate. As I predicted, we have experienced extreme weather in very short periods of time. Strange heat waves broke records in 2012. As a matter of fact 4,420 daily records were broken in the month of July alone. I predict that Greenland will become a “dry land” as we see radical thawing of ice in 2014. ~

One thing that COGSR/SOCT has been warning about is the fact that the core of the earth is changing and changing fast. The Earth’s liquid cores generate the magnetic field that keeps the solar wind from destroying our atmosphere. I warned way back in 1999 that a shift was starting. Our sun was not as active this year [2013] than was anticipated. This along with the Earth’s core changing will mean strange geological occurrences’. These will begin in 2014. ~

In New York Harbor the water is 12 inches higher than it was a century ago. Doesn’t sound like much but when it comes to weather changes this little ‘mole hill’ is a Mountain! In 2012 I predicted volcanic activity would occur in 2013 and we have seen this with the discovery of the new big volcano beneath the ocean. ~

While all these earth changes are beginning to intensify we will see mankind continue looking for technology to save him. I predict that Brown University will introduce new robot technology in 2014 that will be controversial. Many will produce controversial technologies in 2014. In 2014 we will see more controversy on the subject of Fracking. New solar technology will be the “in thing” for 2014. ~

Now some things that I believe will happen in 2014 I am hesitant to speak about. One has to do with what astronomers will find. Some new and alarming information to be revealed in 2014 regarding astrological news. When this happens I promise to give more insight regarding it from the book of Revelation. NASA may look like it is sleeping to the masses but it is not. They along with many others have been working on an answer to stop the coming object from hitting the earth. ~

I predicted in my 2012 forecast that 2013 would see a very spectacular asteroid and meteor show. And indeed 2013 has seen radical signs in the heavens like the spectacular show in the Russian skies. More to come! ~

As COGSR members and students of SOCT we understand the human spirit is able to store all of our data and input. The most advanced computer is the human mind. Because man believes that “natural knowledge” will save him he will develop a new computer chip in 2014 that will store one bit of data in a small number of atoms. Man will continue to ignore COGSR/SOCT warnings about just where we stand in prophetic history. Instead of searching out the true God and coming to salvation man will continue to run to fallen psychology and distorted human reason. ~

Brain technology will boom in 2014. All one has to do is look what is coming out of the Human Genome Project. One technology that SOCT actually has supported and talked about before its discovery is that of magnetic fields and brain technology. I wrote a paper back in 1999 about a technology I called “Pathway Technology”. I included the idea of this technology in a fictitious book about extraterrestrials. The idea is to use magnetic fields to heat non-particles that have been implanted in neurons. Now there is a physics researcher who is doing this in the hopes of creating positive changes in neural circuitry. I predict that Alzheimer’s may find a cure through such a technology. ~

As far as greater problems I predict a virus outbreak that hasn’t been seen since the Polio outbreaks of 1988. Especially I believe that India is very vulnerable for this type of incident in 2014. This along with food shortages experienced worldwide will begin to shake the comfortable and “upper-class” families.  ~

Another concern that will be brought to light in 2014 is the fact that this planets groundwater is running out. The underground aquifers store almost all of our water when it comes to fresh water. Right now we are wasting and using more of this water than ever before. The current population will deplete this source faster than many realize. Water will be such a concern in 2014 that new technologies will be considered and introduced. ~

A dream that I had just this month shook me. I had a dream of intense hail. Hail like never before seen. Pounding down on this earth. While this was happening the wind picked up…it blew over cars. Then the earth shook but when it shook it rolled like a giant wave. I was running in a field and I witnessed a giant wave but it was full of people. Indeed, I trust what God has shown to be true. ~

What is happening to our animals? We have seen cattle die due to strange weather just this year. Things are changing fast. I fear that some natural force might cause our nuclear waste to leak out and that would be it for many. I see a disease that causes people to be tired. People are already lazy. Are we paying attention to the signs of the times? ~

I have warned in the last two years and I here warn again: What about wheat? Right now a fungus known as Puccinia graminis is spreading across the globe. The fungus is a mutating and powerful strain. Here is the catch, 90 percent of the world's wheat is defenseless against this fungus. Pestilence is usually caused by great food shortages. Mass malnutrition is already on the rise here in the United States. This along with the growing population makes for a perfect recipe for disaster. Science has also noticed that current antibiotics are becoming ineffective and resistant to disease. ~

While all of these earth changes go on there is more to be concerned with. I have informed COGSR/SOCT students last year to watch Africa. It will continue to become more unstable and very dangerous. I have also informed students to watch Turkey. Strange events yet to come which will affect America. I hope to post the rest of my 2014 forecasts in December of this year, 2013. ~

~ Sir Eric William King (2013-14)

(Please use your search engine to look up past predictions on such topics as listed in this article. Mr. E.W.King has made many prophecy forecasts in the past years and they have been accurate! In 2016 the controversial website known as “COGSR News” was taken down but Eric still posts predictions periodically.)

Technology Coming – SOCT Pathway Technology

There are controversial technologies being created with the extraterrestrial help of Pathway Technology. Some of this new technology involves nano-medical technology including micro biological mini robots that can circulate through the blood of humans to cure disease. ~

Increased controversial robot technology should not be allowed to sidetrack the Seventh Message.  There are some positive accomplishments in Cyborg technology when it comes to the enhancement of space exploration. ~


cyborg (short for "cybernetic organism") is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. The term was coined in 1960 by Manfred Clynes and Nathan S. Kline.[1]
The term cyborg is not the same thing as bionicbiorobot or android; it applies to an organism that has restored function or enhanced abilities due to the integration of some artificial component or technology that relies on some sort of feedback.[2] While cyborgs are commonly thought of as mammals, including humans, they might also conceivably be any kind of organism.
D. S. Halacy's Cyborg: Evolution of the Superman in 1965 featured an introduction which spoke of a "new frontier" that was "not merely space, but more profoundly the relationship between 'inner space' to 'outer space' – a bridge...between mind and matter."[3]

In popular culture, some cyborgs may be represented as visibly mechanical (e.g., Cyborg from DC Comics, the Cybermen in the Doctor Who franchise or The Borg from Star Trek or Darth Vader from Star Wars) or as almost indistinguishable from humans (e.g., the "Human" Cylons from the re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica, etc.). Cyborgs in fiction often play up a human contempt for over-dependence on technology, particularly when used for war, and when used in ways that seem to threaten free will.[citation needed] Cyborgs are also often portrayed with physical or mental abilities far exceeding a human counterpart (military forms may have inbuilt weapons, among other things).[citation needed]

-From Wikipedia

Medical technology has become extremely controversial now regarding DNA and genetic science. Humans can now pick what eye color and hair color they want the child to have and can adjust it while in the womb of the mother. DNA technology along with genetic science should not distract one from the Seventh Message. All of this new technology has been slowly given to humanity through the process of small steps of revealing. All of this has to do with the new Pathway Technology and is directly and indirectly connected – ultimately - with the progress of human consciousness evolution. ~

Understanding that states of consciousness actually bi-locate your Identity Seed. You can learn to actually experience (travel to) the differing dimensions while in the human body. ~

Finally, the increase in more complex drone technology will become controversial. Companies will start using them. The increase and spread of electrical cars will now increase and become the main new talk towards the end of the year 2017. You will witness much new car technology and even talk of the flying cars. ~

Note: SOCT hopes to post new biological research regarding the amygdala and how it can be properly understood and used regarding Scientific & Spiritual advancements in understanding human behavior.  ~

NOW IN 2017
The Seventh Message – Conscious Change to Heal Planet Earth
 ~A Message of Hope~

We have been informed that if a certain number of people begin to practice and keep the Seventh Message enough momentum can be produced in the collective conscious to postpone many of the destructive forces that are currently spreading. ~

We have warned that your planet [Earth] has literally entered World War 3 since August 9th 2014. This has been escalating and as we warned 7 years ago that there would be talk of WW3 we are witnessing the fulfillment. Please take our messages seriously. We have been correct at every level. Some have asked the question; “If SOCT is so wrong, why are they so right?” ~

Warning to Narcissistic Spiritual Paths – From SOCT

“The Seventh Message points to the fact that humans are going through a conscious evolution at a fast rate. We must use our spiritual intuition, insights, intellect and all else that we have to make it through. Currently there is talk of “World War 3”. SOCT has warned about this since August 9th 2014. Is anybody listening? Some say things like: “Well, there is nothing that I can do about all of this.” That is a false statement. There is always something you can do. Narcissistic spiritual paths that teach that you must only care and worry about the “true self” are producing rotten people. Self centered people do not understand the path of Karma Yoga. SOCT teaches the Nine Achievements to help people get on the right path. Many have found it and now understand the human problem like never before because they have truly tasted what is good through SOCT.” ~ Sir Eric William King, from: “SOCT - Subjective ideas? Or Christian Reality?”

True Christian Qualities - SOCT

rue Christianity has qualities of current space/time perfection. Science Of Christian Thought will continue to teach these precious qualities. ~

The following is true and Sir Eric William King has stated this outline in one of the SOCT papers: ~

a-The Christian begins to realize his or her potentials through action. ~

b-The Christian gains the healthy attitude toward himself. ~

c-The Christian gains equilibrium and unification of personality. ~

d-The Christian gains the healthy view with hope regarding the world around him. ~

e-The Christian experiences balance and better understanding in social activities. ~

f-The Christian sustains proper personality manifestation in all situations. ~

Become a student of Science Of Christian Thought and become a midway-being [spiritual hybrid] right now! Help change the planet for the better! ~

~Science Of Christian Thought (July 15th 2017)

“We all know that bad religion has continued to amplify the sorry condition of fallen human nature. We have tried to teach all who are prepared to really listen about the true condition of the human mind and its pitiful state because of its lack of Divine Guidance. True religion has the ability to evolve. True religion does not get caught up in human dogma, hate or violence. Prehistoric religions will cause the end of humanity if humanity does not wake up and begin to truly understand what is really going on here.”  ~ Sir Eric William King


Going through Global Alchemy

Note: SOCT warns that within the next 12 years your planet has a good chance of something hitting it of remarkable size.

Anoh has informed us that our planet is going through environmental shifts that we need to pay close attention to. Areas of the earth will open up and swallow, crime will increase in some areas like never before, racial issues will heighten, terrorist acts in America and elsewhere like never seen before; volcanic, earthquake and ocean shifts on large scales like never before experienced or witnessed. Huge items falling from our skies will shake us all. Sickness and disease will smite and economic strife also will spread. ~

War and large troop movements will be witnessed. Weapons flung in this direction and that. Air wars. Weather patterns on huge levels will rush forth. Global shifts on every level like never before witnessed on their way. So what must we - or what can we do? SOCT offers great change for the better - on a personal level first - and then gives messages on how to help heal the entire planet. Will we survive the birth pains? Why would anybody turn away from the Science Of Christian Thought right when it is needed the most? ~

~Please join us. May you experience and gain Peace Profound!

~From your Brothers and Sisters here on planet Earth

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  1. Earth Changes….the Reality!

    1-Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise
    2-Mercury Climbs
    3-Oceans Warm
    4-Glaciers Melt
    5-Sea Level Rises
    6-Sea Ice Thins
    7-Permafrost Thaws
    8-Wild Fires Increase
    9-Lakes Shrink
    10-Lakes freeze Up Later
    11-Ice Shelves Collapse
    12-Droughts Linger
    13-Precipitation Increases
    14-Mountain Streams Run Dry
    15-Winter Looses Its Bite
    16-Spring Arrives Earlier
    17-Autumn Comes Later
    18-Plants Flower Sooner
    19-Migration Times Vary
    20-Habitats Change
    21-Birds Nest Earlier
    22-Diseases Spread
    23-Coral Reefs Bleach
    24-Snowpacks Decline
    25-Exotic Species Invade
    26-Amphibians Disappear
    27-Coastilines Erode
    28-Cloud Forests Dry
    29-Temperatures Spike At High Latitudes
    30-Humans Become Obese
    31-Humans Develop Inflicted Genocide Relationships
    33-Humans Loose respect for Race Purity & Culture
    34-Humans Loose Moral Clarity
    35-Human Families Break Apart And Loose The Nurturing Purity Of Mother & Father Relationships
    36-False And Distorted Religions Continue To Cause Social And Moral Disruption, War & Chaos
    37-Humans Feel No Regret With Aborting Fetal Humans

    Wake up! - sir eric w. king