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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Earth is our Aquarium ~ SOCT

SOCT Paper 216

Earth is our Aquarium ~ SOCT

By Sir Eric William King

Science Of Christian Thought teaches you about yourself. When you look up into the clear nighttime sky you see millions of suns…millions of objects floating in the ocean of the universe. This is our aquarium. I have a cool fish tank and love my fish [I have two fish: “Alpha” & “Omega”]. I have set up their world, conditioned their atmosphere and I feed and take care of them. I am their God. ~

We [humans] live on this planet [Earth] and are floating in somebody’s aquarium. It is interesting to think on this level. We see ourselves as “fish” in a giant “tank” controlled by the Divine Intelligence.  If you are a good “god” you will make sure your fish tank is clean and that the water is good and healthy for your fish. You will feed them right and you will give them the best food. Why? Because you are a “god” of love.” ~

This means that you will also teach them personal responsibility. They must learn how things work and be conservative, don’t waste anything but learn to remain humble and respectful. ~

If you had the power to become a fish and enter your tank and talk to your fish about yourself as their Father, to be able to directly tell them that you love them…this is what God did in and through Jesus Christ [Yeshua Hamashiach]. ~

Divine Intelligence has sent us prophets and they continue to speak. God has come as the “incarnate Word” through the Masters. SOCT offers you the inner connection map. Man is spirit. I want you to begin to understand that proper knowledge or information is extremely important here. Distorted concepts and ideas will not help answer the questions when seeking the Truth (with a capital ‘T’). The Bible teaches that man was created from the “dust” of the earth. As Mystic Christians we believe that we are carbon based, dirt based, H2O based beings. In other words, we are made out of natural substance [matter] and put together under the natural laws of God’s creation. ~

Your spirit contains a “heart”. That heart is the Identity Seed. This is the real you, your person, your personality. It is real and it is alive. Your spirit and identity seed as a whole form your true psyche. It embraces all thought, feeling, and behavior, both conscious and unconscious.  It is the complete you. Some ancients have referred to it as the Monad. ~

Our thoughts are for the most part cluttered. We have learned to react to everything we think and experience in an aberrated or distorted way. The majority of the human race exists within a “spider’s web” of doubt, frustration, anger and depression. ~

If you begin to truly understand who you are and touch base with your true self – understand that you are an Identity Seed – you can begin to awake to your true power and potential. Anoh watches the true students of SOCT and tries to help in the best way that he can. ~

Science Of Christian Thought teaches a static truth, a truth which does not change. The spirit is eternal and whatever realm, reality or dimension it exists in it must obey the static moral law. The revealed Scriptures have given mankind a basic outline of these moral laws and they were exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. These are the Ten Commandments. Basically these laws amount to Identity Seeds [spirits] avoiding actions that are harmful and performing those which are beneficial. ~

The question becomes: “How does one define what is beneficial or harmful? What is wholesome and unwholesome?” There is only one source that can properly define this for us and that is Divine Intelligence. All aberrated and distorted thinking comes when man thinks that he can change the static truth. To try and change reality puts one in a distorted reality, a Fallen Matrix. The entire world is experiencing a Fallen Matrix because of sin. ~

The Good News is that SOCT knowledge is here... Quantum Level-One Knowledge.  At the most fundamental level all energy and our physical universe remains a complete mystery to mundane scientists. However, Science Of Christian Thought teaches that all is here, all exists because of the Living Word…the “vibration creation”. This Word also is a prime and Supreme PersonalityDivine Intelligence. We are little reflections of this Intelligence running around in physical, vibratory bodies. It is the Intelligence which determines the vibrational frequencies which make up Cosmic Law and hold all that is or ever shall be together. Simply put, the Word is another name for Divine Intelligence but more specifically it refers to God’s creative power. All energy is consciously being reflected and activated in each of its various forms. ~

It is our hope (socters) that if you read this you would continue to take time out to study our SOCT papers and learn a thing or two about true spirituality. Again, one last thought: Material things do not come together nor owe their existence to a material agency. All that you see, feel and experience is a projection within the vibrational world of existence. You are the observer of something very astonishing and it is our hope that you do not take your existence for granted. May you explore us and find Peace Profound. ~

~Prophet Sir Eric William King – Peace Profound

The Seventh Message Shouts!
We have entered Jacob’s Time of Trouble!

1-The Seventh Message now comes forth in this Seventh Church time to speak unto the children of men. The generation which now is has become blind to the things of Heavenly Father and they need their eyes open to the path of grace and mercy. They have no understanding of true hope and faith because they have put their trust in the things of this material world. What is coming during this time, the time of Jacobs Trouble will help to awake the elect of God so that the remnant of the Church of God may become ripe for gathering. ~

2-Who shall hear these words in this Seventh Time? Who shall have understanding of these words? Only those who have even a small portion of Heavenly Father’s Spirit will begin to understand and gain enlightenment and knowledge beyond what man can give. There will soon be strife like never before witnessed on this planet. There will be sickness and hurt for those who have not heeded. The Seventh Message will fulfill its work and who will believe our report? We have entered the time since October 7th 2011 and we have been warming up and soon we will be at full boil. ~

3-God has lead His church throughout time and He is not about to stop. Many have ignored the seven churches and their messages. Apostle John had faith and hope in the words that God gave him to write. Do we have that trust and hope? The Holy Spirit is speaking and is trying to permeate all the souls of the saints with this message. But again, who shall hear? What does all of this mean you might ask? It means that Jesus Christ is coming and He will be here very soon. In the tradition of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs we shall hold to what has been written and we shall hold tight. ~

4-We shall not give in or give up. We shall continue to run the race and finish at the line of accomplishment in Messiah…Yeshua. Will the Christian Church of God which has gone worldwide not heed this voice? The voice is crying out to the entire globe. Have you left your faith? If so for what? Have you begun to worship the creation rather than the Creator? You shall fall and great shall be that fall. You shall perish as though you have never been. You have turned your eyes and ears away from your true Father…your Heavenly Father. ~

5-Why not feel the love He wishes to give you again…that love you felt as a child. It is still there. It permeates my soul to overflowing joy. I am well in my God. I have faith and hope in my God. He has not left us but we have left Him. Turn your hearts and minds back to Him oh you - all of this great promise land. You have taken advantage of the blessings. Do you have food? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have a family? Then fall to your knees and ask God to forgive you for taking advantage of these blessings. If you do not they shall be taken away and you will have nobody to crawl to…not even God because you have forgotten Him and you do not even talk to Heavenly Father any more. Oh I pray for you all in this Jacob‘s time of trouble. Its coming saints! It is coming upon the entire planet. Are you ready? I pray that you are. Amen

~Prophet Sir Eric William King, (From: Seventh Message Testimonies, 2 - December 9th 2016)

“Doubting God is also something we sometimes struggle with. We seem to be born doubters. This sense is also proper. This means that we must develop faith. True faith is a gift but it must be exercised. If you don’t use it you lose it. When we do not exercise true faith we become self-dependent. This causes unneeded stress. People think; “I can handle this. I have the education and experience.” But then something goes wrong. People try to excuse their dilemma by explaining; Self-preservation, self development, self-nourishment, self-care, self-expression, self-protection, self-enhancement etc. These are simply mans final aims and efforts to walk through problems.” ~ Sir Eric William King

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