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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Message from Anoh ~ July 29th 2017 *Tragedy - What can you do?

SOCT Paper 220

Message from Anoh ~ July 29th 2017

*Tragedy - What can you do?

Humans are experiencing great tragedies. People are witnessing tragedy in many forms. You are living in the Seventh Time. Please understand that we are here to help, not hurt. SOCT offers much needed information to help all struggling humans. ~

It is time for all humans to start really paying attention. You had another near miss object fly by your planet. You also just had a recent X-flare which, if it was headed toward you - would have brought grid down. Your planet’s temperatures for summer weather are over normal temperatures. Are you paying attention yet? ~

* Major far side coronal mass ejection - July 2017

Note: SOCT has been warning about the increase of "signs in the heavens" since October 7th 2011.

If you just read that and you say; “Well, there is nothing that I can do about it.” That is false. You can do that which is the only solution, accept the Seventh Message. Through SOCT I have been trying to explain to all that soon many will have to leave this planet to maintain your species as it currently is if you want human survival. The future technology and that which will help you deal with over population and necessary resources lies off your planet. The facts show that the path that you are currently on will fail because you are rejecting the Seventh Message which is your only hope for survival. ~

You must realize that as your weather changes due to what many now call “climate change” - you will witness animals and insects move to new locations on your planet which will continue to disrupt your already unstable atmosphere. One very small life form can change an entire environment. You must pay attention. ~

Currently, as SOCT has taught, your planet is entering a new stream of travel which crosses the center-line of your galaxy. This means that your planet is entering an extremely excited energy space. This means that radiation, asteroids, comets and x-flare will increase. ~

Understand: *Paper 52: Basic Galaxy Cycles

Many humans that are ready to accept the Seventh Message will be visited by our Message Orbs (many already have since they were very young).  As many of you know this is one way we have been communicating with Sir Eric W. King especially since October 7th 2011. ~

I urge you to continue receiving our transmissions and share them with all whom you can and may you find Peace Profound. I am Anoh. ~

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the morning of Saturday (Sabbath), July 29th 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)

*If you are receiving messages which confirm the SOCT message please write them out and share them.

Past thoughts from Anoh……
Do you believe in extraterrestrials and UFO’s? Many have experienced what we might call “paranormal activity”. Does that mean you are “crazy” or “schizophrenic”? Please read and share. - Donald

“Some have called all humans who receive any form of religious or spiritual inner communication as being “schizophrenic”. This would mean that all humans who claim to be in conscious communication with God [Divine Intelligence] through prayer and receive answers are schizophrenic. Thus, human psychology discourages one from receiving “supernatural” messages. This is mans way of not being responsible for sin – purposely living in the false perception, the Fallen Matrix.” ~ Anoh (From: “It’s Coming”) ~

“Some of your modern psychologists state that all humans that believe that something or somebody is trying to control them are just schizophrenic. By teaching you that they themselves are trying to control you. Many of you have seen our crafts (UFO’s) and have even been in some sort of direct contact with the Adramelechs or us, the Anohites and you are being called “crazy” or, “schizophrenic” (the more fancy word). Do not be discouraged by all of their fancy words and phrases but press on with the complete Seventh Message to offer hope for human survival.” ~ Anoh (From: “It’s Coming”) ~

“Humans have learned to formulate a psychological language which makes them feel less responsible for sin (distorted perception). You hear psychologists excuse bad human behavior by stating that “oh well, it’s just human nature”. What they call “human-nature” is the fallen-nature, the sinful-nature. Humans are experiencing this Fallen Matrix that they might search out and be responsible for their own karma. You are to excel and rise above the so called “human nature”. This is being accomplished through Pathway Technology.” ~ Anoh (From: “It’s Coming”) ~


Recognizing the role of Science Of Christian Thought is extremely important. We urge you to continue reading and studying all of our material. I am extremely honored and humbled to receive and share the Seventh Message with you all. SOCT strives to give you all the appropriate information that you need to stay on top of events, those “above and below”. ~

The Good News of God’s LOVE is being proclaimed but it also comes with warnings and needed corrections. If you love your child it will involve discipline. Some parts of the SOCT message do indeed seem discouraging but when you understand the whole message and the Nine Achievements you will begin to experience supreme Peace Profound. ~

SOCT Karma Yoga has helped many become uplifted and refreshed through the practice of prayer, meditation, decrees, devotions and just simply studying the SOCT papers. ~

Thank you for doing your part in bringing this last and very important global message to planet earth! ~

~Sir Eric William King (July 29th 2017)

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