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Saturday, July 8, 2017

SOCT ~ Bending and stretching Space & Time

SOCT Paper 217

SOCT ~ Bending and stretching Space & Time

Here is a small portion taken from Sir Eric William King’s work: “The Story of Our Planet” for you to contemplate. You can read this entire paper found on this SOCT website titled: “The Story of Our Planet”. Enjoy socters!

What is Space? It can stretch & bend?

The Big Bang happened, God spoke and “BANG” it happened. Space and time began in that instant. It is currently believed by some that this universe is expanding into empty space. There is a prevailing theory which describes this. It is known as “inflation” (one thing that we know is reproducing and expanding itself is the American dollar, but that is another kind of inflation).There are many variations of this theory. It seems that our universe is indeed “stretching”. Space is actually stretching. The Bible confirms this: “Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out.” [Isaiah 42:5] The fact that light can bend displays the fact that space itself can bend, stretch and warp. Again, this agrees with God’s word. ~

May I mention that our universe has no discernable center or edge. We seem to be space in space, stretching evenly throughout space. At the same time our math tells us that the shape of our universe is like a sphere, like a flat sphere. Isn’t all of this a bit strange? We know so little and yet we see so much. I believe that God created so much space to allow us to sense His bigness. God is of infinite reach. ~

Some modern theories explain the idea of different dimensions, hence different universes – a multi universe theory. The famous physicist Michio Kaku is a proponent of these types of theories, hence his “string theory”. This could be true. God is present everywhere no matter how many dimensions there might be. “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell [the grave], behold, thou art there.” [Psalm 139:8] ~

The fact of the Creator [Divine Intelligence]

When we look up at the nighttime sky we see millions of stars. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.” [Psalm 19:1-3] Though we can never thoroughly understand our entire universe, enough is understood by the laws of the universe to see that a Divine Intelligence is behind it. Stephen Hawking says it this way: “The universe is comprehensible because it is governed by scientific laws; that is to say, its behavior can be modeled.” I like to use this argument to describe our understanding of God. We may not understand ALL of God but enough of His moral law is modeled in the Bible to gain a relationship with Him. ~

No matter which way you look at it there is no excuse to deny the fact of the Creator. Even the atheistic scientists of today still struggle with the questions of; design, purpose, meaning, etc. Famous physicist and cosmologist Paul Davies wrote: “When it comes to metaphysical questions such as “Why are there laws in nature?” the situation is less clear. These sorts of questions are not much affected by specific discoveries: many of the really big questions have remained unchanged since the birth of civilization and still vex us today.” ~
But again, God does not leave us in the dark in regards to a basic understanding of His ultimate Reality. Albert Einstein said: “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” ~

The Outer Force [Holy Spirit] Key

God’s personality is comprehensible to man. Through the power of the Holy Spirit one has the force which allows him to compensate for his limited human reason when it comes to the ability to grasp the fuller and ever enlarging conceptualizing of God’s Absolute Personality. Jesus Christ is the upholder of this entire universe and through Him we can get to know the Ultimate Personality. Jesus said that if we would truly seek Him we would find Him. In this big amount of space we find ourselves floating in there is an Almighty God staring us right in the face. ~
~May ye find and always keep Peace Profound,

~ Sir Eric William King [Founder and CEO of SOCT]

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  1. Scientists have twisted their take on "all planets getting hotter" because they wish not to create it known, something strange is going on in our solar system.

  2. When SOCT talks about Cosmic Law we are referring to all known laws in our universe both on the micro level and macro level. We serve a Divine Intelligence and Divine Intelligence has Order in all that it does. We can begin to understand biological laws, atomic laws, laws having to do with weather and our planet, electromagnetic laws, astronomical laws, the law of gravity, e=mc2 and so on and so on add infinitum. ~

    “The discernible order in all things is nothing else than the Logos of God, perpetually engaged in the action of creation.” ~Philo, On the World’s Creation 6, PhI pp.20-21 ~

  3. SOCT is NOT associated with the cults of “Christian Science” or “Scientology”. SOCT information and studies are completely free of charge. In the Science Of Christian Thought there are no Fines, Fees or Forms. There is just you and the Beloved - you and God. ~

    ~May you experience Peace Profound.

    ~Prophet Eric William King (January 8th 2017)