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Thursday, July 6, 2017

SOCT - Subjective ideas? Or Christian Reality?

SOCT Paper 215

SOCT - Subjective ideas? Or Christian Reality?

Originally, portions of this paper appeared in Sir Eric William King’s work: “A Taxonomy of the Science Of Christian Thought”. Here it is again with some added additional thoughts. Please read all of our SOCT papers and enjoy the spiritual depth and beauty of the Seventh Message. Peace. – Sara Stevens (SOCT contact since 2011)

By Sir Eric William King

Many come to this idea that all religion is subjective. We could define “subjective” as meaning only having to do with the thoughts [thinking process] of one’s mind and not really having anything to do with material reality. All religion could be labeled a “subjective thought process”. What makes Christianity different? ~

Psychology will not doubt the reality of religion. Atheists who believe in the theory of evolution say that religion is just another evolutionary accident.  We all have something that we believe in. When man fell into sin religion produced primitive fear and slavery to superstition. Religion involves morals but it is not merely a moral movement. Religion has always affected the ethical condition of society. Religion has tried to answer the absolute questions. Man has a need for purpose and answers. Religion is studied by psychology but it is not psychology. Nor is it a material science. It involves revelation and faith. ~

Logic proves the ability to have intelligence and philosophy. Human reason constructs scientific theory. Religion manifests faith throughout the human experience and a trust in what cannot be seen. Humans seem to have a “God part of the brain”. Almost all cultures have developed some sort of religion. Religion seems to be a necessity in human development. Why? ~

The Science of Christian Thought teaches three basic levels of human reality (Three Steps of Mind). The first level could be the physical which includes the human body and the electrochemical realm. The next level of reality could be seen as the “mind”. This would include all levels of thinking and intellectual reality. These two realities are what most humans are running with. The final or third reality could be seen as that of the spiritual. This spiritual realm can also be confusing for man because all are in a spiritual battle. It is in this spiritual level that one must accept the Holy Spirit or he will be forever lost! To be “saved” one must be living in Christian Reality. ~

Three Steps of Mind

Electrochemical Mind: This would include all living souls, both human and animal. It would also include all life at the cellular level. ~

The Human Mind: This includes the fact that man has a ‘special element’ of mind called the Human Spirit. This is a gift of ‘deeper thought’, logic, human reason, and intellectualism. Involves a basic moral understanding. ~

The Human Spiritual Mind: This involves the fact that man has ‘spiritual dimension’. Humans have spiritual awareness and warfare.  At this level communication with non-physical entities is realized. The person begins his struggle for understanding of the spiritual realm. [As seen in religious behavior & superstitious activity] Christians have the “Mind of Christ” in this realm and thus have spiritual clarity. ~

Additional Faculty Needed

So we as Mystic Christians do not see the fact of the spiritual mind to be purely “subjective” or made up. There is scientific fact that man seems to have a need for the “religious” realm in his or her thinking. What is lacking in regards to understanding the spiritual realm is an additional faculty to see this reality more clearly. People today may use infrared binoculars at night to see in the dark. This gives man an additional faculty that he does not have by himself. In the same way the Bible teaches that in order for man to see the spiritual realm clearly he needs the Holy Spirit. ~

Man has been given what are known as the “five objective faculties”. This is sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. What we take in through these five senses we then begin to process through our subjective conscious. When it comes to understanding true spirituality we need an additional faculty, that of Holy Spirit. ~

Please understand: Spiritual Reality is only subjective to the person lacking the additional faculty needed to see the “objective” [real] truth about God ~ Christian Reality! You must accept PARADOX if you want to truly understand Christian Reality.-

Science deals with Truth. SOCT does not deal in “mind games”.

We are all operating within the laws of a Divine Plan. We are living in a holographic world which has challenges because of sin and distortion. To escape we must accept and receive a greater portion of the Outer Force…that which is separate from matter but can come into matter. We must receive what has anciently been called the Holy Spirit. This means that we accept and receive a new communication from Divine Intelligence. This portion weds to our Human spirit and a begettal process occurs. We become like new creatures growing within the womb of the ecclesia. ~

We all have our own flaws. It is not that we are perfect, we are not, it is simply being aware of what we need to work on. It is not easy to put yourself out in the public as a teacher or a person with a “special message”. People watch everything that you do - looking for your next mistake or failure. This is why I must emphasize that what I teach is not about me, it of course involves me but all that is taught is something that I too need to practice and work on. ~

Finding people’s faults is not very hard, that is the easy way to refuse the teachings. The facts are this planet is experiencing a spiritual dilemma. Also, our climate is changing fast. Instead of creating more and more distance between each other, humans need to come together during this most important time in history. The environmental crisis will increase and we will need to work together to adapt. ~

The Seventh Message points to the fact that humans are going through a conscious evolution at a fast rate. We must use our spiritual intuition, insights, intellect and all else that we have to make it through. Currently there is talk of “World War 3”. SOCT has warned about this since August 9th 2014. Is anybody listening? Some say things like: “Well, there is nothing that I can do about all of this.” That is a false statement. There is always something you can do. Narcissistic spiritual paths that teach that you must only care and worry about the “true self” are producing rotten people. Self centered people do not understand the path of Karma Yoga. SOCT teaches the Nine Achievements to help people get on the right path. Many have found it and now understand the human problem like never before because they have truly tasted what is good through SOCT. ~

Remember when you were young and everything seemed big and new? When the little things excited you? ...those were the days. If you become a SOCT student you can experience that emotion again. The SOCT knowledge will even overwhelm you. Please continue to study with us here at Science Of Christian Thought. ~

 ~ Sir Eric William King

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