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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Hierarchies create Carbon Units with “Thoughts”

SOCT Paper 219

The Hierarchies create Carbon Units with “Thoughts”

SOCT teaches that long ago, in our distant past, the Hierarchies intervened at the Divine Decree and began creating our planet. They brought life; they are the true Elohim of our planet. This SOCT paper is important for a better understanding of our early beginnings. Read and share. ~ Tom Snider (the SOCT “bomb”) ~

-       In this SOCT paper Eric gives further information with posted “thoughts” on the original paper. Please read, contemplate, study and share. Thank you. – Staff


I urge all SOCT students to please read our paper; “The Story of Our Planet” to help establish a ‘big picture’ connection with the following information. I would like to point out some important facts that all Humans should understand. Our planet Earth was born from debris. This debris was meticulously guided by higher entities which swarm our space/time continuum. ~

Thoughts: Could this mean that just as we witness numerous insects and other smaller life forms participating in the ecological evolution of larger creatures could be happening on a much larger scale between humans and interdimensional /extraterrestrial beings? ~

From chaos order was brought forth. All order comes ultimately from Divine Intelligence which pervades all of creation. Anybody who truly begins to contemplate the order and intelligence seen in all matter and biological complexities knows and realizes that there is a God [Divine Intelligence]. We all come forth from One Eternal. ~

Thoughts: Humans have a sense of “order” when things work for their benefit. But what is order? SOCT would define it as “harmonious relationship”. On each space/time continuum there is (for conscious life forms), the possibility of order. Order is a direct result of divine Intelligence. ~

On our planet Carbon lies at the centre of life. Carbon atoms link together like chains which in turn bind with other atoms which ultimately comprise all organic chemicals that constitute what we call life. So Humans could be called; Carbon Units. What or who helped create these carbon units for life? We read in the SOCT papers: ~

Lords of the Flame: These Keepers helped in shaping the physical life forms, the vehicles of individual expression. They helped in forming the physical bodies of life forms on our planet. ~

The entities known as ‘Lords of the Flame’ were key to developing carbon life. It is interesting to note that silicon, which ingredient is made up of rock forming minerals, is the only other possible life-form body. It has been said that the soul of “flesh life” is carbonaceous and the soul of rock is siliceous. ~

Thoughts: Will we [humans] continue to use silicon to create new “life forms”, perhaps cyborg-robot type entities?

Another of the Hierarchies is “Lords of Individuality”. It was probably these Hierarchies which guided the right kind of meteorites and comets to pound the surface of our early planet. The mixture had to be just right, perfect. It was these early bombardments which created the implantation of life seeds. From these life seeds we have the first life forms. These Hierarchies played a major part in preparing our planet for life. The Hierarchies in this sense are Earths “donors”. These donors not only helped seed our planet but they also helped with sterilization. Our planet entered a time of “constructive chaos”. ~

Thoughts: People who have fish tanks must properly create the right environment for their fish. There are fresh water tropical, salt water and fresh water fish. Are there “hierarchies” watching over our planet like a fish tank? Making sure we are still sustainable? ~

The Hierarchies early on had created just the right gaseous atmosphere. Even specific gas mixtures and flows coming from within side our planet were adjusted by the Hierarchies. A physical yet Divine Alchemy was taking place on our planet. Long ago our planet was a chemical cauldron that had hundreds of millions of years to be processed and guided by higher minds and interdimensional intelligent beings. Just as we today help raise our pets to higher relationships so the spiritual and ethereal Hierarchies have raised and continue to raise us up. ~

Thoughts: Are we all a part of a higher order? Are we the “hierarchies” of our animals and pets? Are all life forms built up like a ladder pushing and pulling on one another? ~

Life as some think they know it is not a mere routine. No, it is a Divinely Guided plan with purpose and effort. We must never take for granted the GIFT of LIFE that we all have been given. Divine Intelligence continues to make contact with all creation. Will we listen? SOCT has been given to Humans in this Seventh Time so that we can grow up, go to our next evolutionary stage of development and enlightenment. Won’t you begin to study with SOCT today? Why ignore the most important message for this planet? ~

Thoughts: We wake up and begin to make decisions. Humans are constantly making decisions. Thinking is what we are good at. We create, we love, we like, we hate. We are intelligent conscious beings. Why can we not grasp that there are even greater life forms than ourselves? ~

*May you gain Peace Profound! ~

~Sir Eric William King

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