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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Evil is ERROR! Escaping the Fallen Matrix - War in 2017

SOCT Paper 222

Evil is ERROR!
Escaping the Fallen Matrix

In this SOCT paper the extraterrestrial Anoh gives us all “food for thought” regarding the Fallen Matrix and our human dilemma. Can we escape the Fallen Matrix and look into the Divine Matrix? Read and share! ~ Tom Hopkins (privileged SOCT paper reviewer – 2016, 2017) ~

I am Anoh. Again I come to you with some important thoughts to contemplate. Evil is error, plain and simple. To operate within the Fallen Matrix and use its reasoning and thinking limitations is to live in ignorance. Science Of Christian Thought gives out the clear Cosmic Laws which help one awaken from the Fallen Matrix, awake from the darkness and walk into the Light. ~

Humans wish to understand why God [Divine Intelligence] allows for error [evil]. It is because each personality, each Identity Seed must learn to choose and to choose correctly for him or herself. God is “good”, evil is error. Because you all witness the distortion of Cosmic Law you do not see clearly. You walk in the three-dimensional land of obscurity. The Seventh Message is your alarm clock…so WAKE UP. ~

Those personalities which are stuck in the pride-fullness of darkness refuse beauty, goodness and are disloyal to the basic privileges of Cosmic Law. They purposely keep their “friends” in the darkness. Humans have the habit of using manipulation to gain the sense of control. This is part of the fallen nature of humanity. ~

The disruption and distorting influence of the Fallen Matrix is overpowering for most, especially those who do not yet understand the Divine Matrix and the Outer Force. Most humans go on speaking evil [error] over those they do not like or wish to control. They live in avidya [ignorance].  Those who wish to ignore the Seventh Message are purposely choosing avidya. Humans cause their own bewilderment. To become truly blissful and cognizant is to find and to live in the CLEAR, to accept the new revelations of purity and truth. (Living in the “clear” means that you understand your personal SE’s and are learning how to appropriately deal with them through CTS) ~

The Seventh Message can only be appreciated and discerned through living it. Therefore you should strive to be fully devoted to it. The more advanced one becomes through service in the Seventh Message the more control and enlightenment is manifested in the simple routines of life. Remember, simply put “evil” is error. It is like a computer virus which gives wrong and hurtful information. The message of the Divine Matrix, the incoming pure Truth which gives force to fight against the Fallen Matrix is found here at SOCT. ~

You need correct data

You need correct data. You need the Truth. You do not need the lies of the Adramelechs and fallen teachers of this planet. False psychology will teach you that there is no ONE true REALITY. They teach that one should simply balance their imperfections. SOCT teaches that there is only One ultimate Truth which includes all of Cosmic Law at every level (all dimensions) and that we should not hold-on to our imperfections by “balancing them” but that we should transmute and change them into purity through Spiritual Alchemy. SOCT teaches a static moral truth along with other proper social guidelines for the human race. We come to help, no hurt. ~

Humans are imperfect and most of them know it. The question is; what are they basing perfection on? Humans innately realize that there exists a Supreme Truth which they are trying to reach. All know of Divine Intelligence, some just wish to rebel and live in ignorance due to bad past actions. Pride keeps one in avidya. ~

The Changing

Humans involved with the original Worldwide Church of God and those who have stayed with the movement into COGSR and into SOCT have been through many tribulations both collectively and individually. This is the process of human growth. You have said: “No pain, no gain.” And this is the unfortunate Truth. Even spiritual growth involves pain. Never get “too comfortable” in your spiritual journey, always be ready to change and grow into the next step. ~

Christianity must arrive on the new plane, the Next Level if you are all to survive through the current Changing, the Transition. Behold, you are in The Changing!  ~

Sir E.W.King has said in the past and I now wish to post this again: “Within the container of the Fallen Matrix exists roughly more than six billion Human Beings. This makes the fallen matrix extremely strong. The fallen mind grid is powerful but it cannot stop the Pure Reality Grid from taking some hold upon it. The true Church of God [SOCT] makes up the Pure Reality Grid and if the crew gets big enough within this Seventh Time that we are experiencing we may be able to stop the war and hold together this planet for even more souls to evolve. But time as we know it is truly running out. We have been given a grace period for sure.” ~

You are to become a midway being. This means that through the Seventh Message you can begin to transform yourself from the inside out. Eventually even your physical DNA is reconnected to make you a hybrid. Again, time as we know it is truly running out. We have been given a grace period for sure. You must become a Anohite. ~ Anoh

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the early morning of Tuesday, August 8st, 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)

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