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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Extreme Liberalism has No Boundaries *With comment regarding the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Extreme Liberalism has No Boundaries
*With comment regarding the 2017 Solar Eclipse

By Steve Benson (socter since 2015)

Extreme liberalism is teaching that there are “no boundaries” just do whatever “feels good”. This is dangerous. We all have walls around our house to protect our families. We have clothes on to protect our bodies; we have built fences to keep our animals in. We need and use boundaries in this fallen matrix. These are the facts. I am a SOCT student and I speak to you all regarding what it means to be cleared. Extreme liberalism teaches that if you have a “boundary” or a specific personal interest that goes beyond the “group mind”, then you are just crazy. Extreme liberalism works with the “group mind”. True individual freedom does not follow the fallen liberal dogma of the “animal group mind”. America was originally a Republic, not a “mobocracy”. ~

To the extreme liberal everybody is a victim. There is no sense of individuality, you must “obey the fallen mass mind” which involves drugs, crime, sexual perversion, atheism the belief that there are “no boundaries” just do whatever feels good…everybody should just smoke a “joint” and “shut up” and “obey” the mass “monkey mind”. Really? ~

Like packs of wolves (no insult to the wolves, or monkeys) we are witnessing the misinformed ignorant masses display violence and fake dogma. The news media has played into the fallen human emotions. They excite for the wrong goals and push the dividing of groups under “labels” so that they can start fights. Gay, right, left, black, white….let the name calling and dividing begin! ~

Regarding the taking down of historical statues, we must not forget our past or we are doomed to repeat it. If you want to make an argument to take down historical artwork then we must remove ALL IMMAGES AND STATUES. This would be ridiculous. Buddha is a “religious figure” therefore all Buddha’s must be destroyed. Really? What about the Egyptian ancient statues? The Egyptians had slaves. Should it be that no “white person” statue should be erected? Let us look into the fights and history of those who have come into the United States. Was their race and people perfect? Can we also take down their historical statues? Did they have slavery also? ~

There is violence on both sides, unfortunately. SOCT has helped me truly understand the Human condition. ~

There are many “extreme” liberal friends that I have and they listen to “rap” music which supports violence, label calling, division and fighting. Yet, they tell me that they want unity. Many play video games of hurting other humans through slaughter…yet they wish peace? This is the deception of the true enemy, Satan the Devil. They sing songs called “F*ck Trump” yet they tell me that they are morally correct and “all about peace and freedom”. ~

Regarding Americas’ history and slavery; first, slavery was not original with America. Africa and many other countries enslaved some of their own people. This does not make it right. What makes America different from other countries is the fact that we decided to finally end slavery. We actually fought a war made up mostly of white men (hundreds of thousands have died in this fight) that lost their lives to free the slaves and many African Americans died for their freedom also. It was the first Republican President (Abraham Lincoln) which was the leading force behind this effort. ~

Those who wish illegal immigrants to come here and work for dirt cheap are just as guilty as the racists that owned slaves. Is it racist to be against ISIS from taking over America? Is it racist to speak against violence on BOTH SIDES? Many talk of unifying America but instead, they throw a label on all gender issues and color of skin issuesthey keep dividing and not uniting. ~

WARNING! : Making a ‘race’ a boundary is fake. There are true and real boundaries that must be made for proper evolution. Having no boundary means anarchy. If anarchy was the law of the land, mass groups would be killed and destroyed by the barbaric men of this planet. Women would certainly be raped. So SOCT does not indorse anarchy. ~

To blame another country [like Russia] or a Race of people for America’s failures is a copout. Take responsibility! ~

Also, most socters that I know say that the U.S. Congress is pathetic...they are the “real President”. We must focus on these U.S. Congress men and women to see exactly what they are doing and if they are really doing anything. It is congress that will enter “check mate”. I and many others are tired of the U.S. Congress controlling the masses by doing nothing. We have boundaries. ~

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party of the United States has an aggressive past record of supporting slavery. All one has to do is remember and study the past, not try and erase or change it. ~

It is not “racist” to have and respect boundaries. Those who think that they have values - based on whose list? God’s? But you do not believe in God so why have “morality”? You say; “I do not have to believe in God to be moral.” Okay. So who decides morality for you and the masses at large? Anarchy? Should we not kill? Should we forgive? Should we not cheat and steal? Anybody that shows up for a “peaceful demonstration” with a stick in his hand shows how stupid and un-evolved he is. We pray for such. Well, welcome to the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

We will soon be witnessing a Solar Eclipse. Perhaps this is a sign that the True Light of Divine Intelligence is turning away from us Humans…we have all gone mad. ~

If you are reading this you are Human…get a clue. ~

The Truth shall SET YOU FREE! ~

*Jesus is Yeshua Hamashiach!

~ Steve Benson (socter since 2015) 8-16-17

Note: Not all socters see and understand things the same way. We allow all students to post their thoughts (Freedom of Speech). SOCT Staff. ~

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