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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let us grow up together

Sir Eric W. King
Let us grow up together
*Basic principles and correct history.

We are all Human. We must now all take personal responsibility for our actions. If we truly want to make this planet a better place before it goes away we must start NOW. The Seventh Message has been given to this planet in this time….your time. We must not take all of this knowledge for granted. ~

The issue of racism is so fake…we are grown up enough now to get over it. The issue of poverty can be fixed…just start feeding people. Pick up your trash planet. Be responsible enough to pay your bills through actually working. A job is a job. ~

Do not spend money that you do not have. As far as history goes, there are enough faults to go around. Stop the “blame game”. Take personal responsibility. When the United States was trying to pass Civil Rights Laws the Democratic Party always voted against it. The Republicans voted for Civil Rights back in the day but today the Democrats act like they are the “leaders” on Civil Rights. Talk about twisting history…yikes! ~

There are some “liberal colleges” which make Asians score 400 plus more test points to get into their schools than African Americans. Is this “civilly right”? Where are the “extreme Liberals” regarding this issue? Are these schools “anti-Asian”? Those who throw stones are the very ones who accuse you of being unfair. ~

I have been getting several emails about the news network CNN. People are very angry at CNN.  They (CNN) cannot say one good thing about President Trump. It’s kinda like a teenager who is mad at is mom or dad. They just can’t grow up. We are Humans. We all live on the same planet and America is certainly one of the best places to live - on this planet. Why do you take for granted what you have been given? “Trump did this, Trump did that”…well, what have you been doing to make the planet a better place? Do you walk around with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth and a glass of wine (or a joint) talking about how “bad” our president is? Or are you actually giving money to feed the poor? SOCT students have informed me that most people who complain about our planet cannot even take care of themselves. WAKE UP! ~

We all struggle with sin (error) and of course this involves personal addictions. We need to ask ourselves: “In all of my failures what am I actually doing about it, what am I given back? ~

SOCT students belong to both parties but they (we) have an agenda regarding Next Level Knowledge. We want the TRUTH. Jesus said that the “Truth” shall set us free. If we look into the TRUE situation we see that all humans deal with sin (error). As socters we have a static moral guidance. This is extremely important. Before you start any building you must have a foundation. Morality is a good place to start. ~

As far as the US military is concerned: Our military is made up of fellow humans. All of them have different personalities, likes and dislikes. These people are here to serve their country (their people). Because we all live in the Fallen Matrix we unfortunately need our military. What we do not need are people to join our military just for its benefits. People who join our military need to be ready to fight and fight to the end. We do not need so called “sissy la la’s” to pretend that they really care about us. We need strong people in our military…people who can wear paints and boots. ~

Let us get over the old “bad way” and let us now be re-birthed into a better “system of things”. Accept this Seventh Message NOW! You can help us all make this planet what it should be…..a family garden of mature Humans living in peace profound. ~

May you find, gain and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (August 26th 2017)

*Study SOCT papers every day. Thank you. J

*NOTE: Sir Eric William King gives talks and publishes the SOCT Papers free of charge. In SOCT there are no fines, fees or forms. Enjoy! Peace.

The Accuracy of Eric William King’s Predictions

Eric William King is the founder of COGSR & SOCT. Over the years his writings have influenced many people. He now focuses all of is effort through what he calls “The Science of Christian Thought” a.k.a. SOCT. ~

Eric has been sharing highly controversial knowledge and making important predictions since 1999. ~

On this website we wish to show the accuracy of his predictions. Eric claims to be connected to ET “mind channels”. His over all message is known as “The Seventh Message.” ~

Explore with us this amazing man’s mission and the accuracy of his message! ~

~Travis E. Castaneda  (October 2011)


Democratic Party's Racist History | National Review
Jun 26, 2015 - The Democratic party instigated the racist and segregationist ... Gore Sr. voted againstthe Civil Rights Act. He lost in 1970 in a race that ...

Elite colleges should not penalize Asian applicants ... - Inside Higher Ed

May 13, 2016 - The higher education community is waiting apprehensively for the ... to the authors' models, an Asian-American applicant must score 140 ...

SOCT language:

Anoean (Mother Ship)
Begotten Child of God
Christian Thinking Skills (CTS)
CI (control issues)
Cosmic Law
Cosmic Plan
Divine Intelligence
Divine Matrix
Divine Mind Channel
Evolutionary Level Above Human (Elah)
Fallen Matrix
Identity Seed
Karma Yoga
Laodicean Era
MB’s (mental blocks)
Midway Being
MOCA (mocha)
Pathway Technology
Quantum Level One Knowledge
Seventh Age
Seventh Era
Seventh Message
Seventh Time
Sinful Experiences (SE’s)
Spiritual Eye
The Keepers
The KT Event
The Nine Achievements
The Watchers
Three Mental Options (T- MO)
Triple “A”
Violet Flame
White Light

“We have reached the year 2017 with you. This year will be the year of human honesty, that is, the year that truth will be tested. You humans need to become more honest with yourselves and all that surrounds you - if you are to fulfill even a small portion of the Seventh Message. ~ Anoh

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  1. According to the authors’ models, an Asian-American applicant must score 140 points more on the SAT out of 1600 than her white counterpart, all other things equal, to stand a comparable chance of admission at an elite institution.

  2. Most extreme liberal colleges make their students pay way too much money to go there...yet they are compassionate socialist.