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Friday, August 25, 2017

Media, Lobbyists & Congress, what a bunch! …the trinity from hell!

Media, Lobbyists & Congress, what a bunch!
the trinity from hell!

As a SOCT student I have been allowed to share some thoughts with you all which I believe are extremely important. Right now what Americans needs to realize is the fact that our Congress and Lobbyists control what gets past in Congress. For so long the News Media was the only “guiding wand” outside of corporate America that had any real influence on what bills get past. ~

However, what President Donald Trump has done is let the “common” American folk get more involved in politics regardless of Congress or Media influence, he wants the people to actually have a voice and what all SOCT students say to that is; Amen!  We finally have a president that talks to the people and for the people. ~

Note: The “trinity from hell” is the media, lobbyists and our current congress. ~

So America, What’s it going to be?

So does your voice count? Or are we to only let the Congress, Media and Lobbyists control WE THE PEOPLE? We need to watch as we are already witnessing the media try and control the internet. They (the lobbyists’) do not want OUR NEWS to be published. Instead, the “fake” news is to lead us all into the pit of slavery and hell. WAKE UP AMERICA! ~

CULTS try and control what you hear, watch, eat, drink etc. Please hold the News Media accountable for these fake control tweaks.  And as for the “anarchists”, wow…no law at all just complete chaos. Are we evolving or de-volving?  How bout this: “ALL LIVES MATTER!” ~

Another note: The television news media has been controlled predominantly by the “far left”. This means that they (just as Congress and the Lobbyists) are to blame. Many protestors that show up at events to cause trouble are sponsored and paid for by the Clinton Foundation (both directly & indirectly).  Just follow the money honey. ~
American founded companies that do not try and help our economy are also being closely watched by us. ~

Watch as the far-left continues to try and make “race” an issue in all matters. Watch as CNN slowly falls apart. My prediction is that CNN’s days are numbered. They will (however) start up again but under a new acronym (pathetic). ~

Warning: We need to hold the media and congress accountable for what they have been able to get away with in the past…NO MORE! ~

~just a thought J

~Steve Benson (socter to the end)

*SOCT has over 600 supporters worldwide – we are watching & growing!

Note: Not all socters see and understand things the same way. We allow all students to post their thoughts (Freedom of Speech). SOCT Staff. ~

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