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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SOCT – 500 plus Students Worldwide A look into the 1972 and 1974 Apostasy *With notes from Daniel Harding

Sir Eric William King

SOCT Paper 221

SOCT – 500 plus Students Worldwide
A look into the 1972 and 1974 Apostasy
*With notes from Daniel Harding

The new notes given in this older documentation are extremely important. One must truly take time out to fully understand the movement of God’s ONE TRUE CHURCH throughout history. Please read and share. (Updated August 2nd 2017)

Many people who are in one of the many offshoot groups from the original Worldwide Church of God do not realize the true history of the WCG. We here at COGSR/SOCT have been informing many about the Truth and what happened that has created all of these schisms. During 1972 through 1975 many in the original Worldwide Church of God were concerned about certain statements that Mr. H.W.Armstrong had made regarding the “entering of the Great Tribulation.” Mr. H.W.Armstrong had written previous articles and had given talks which showed that he personally believed that the world would enter Great Tribulation sometime between the years of 1972 and 1975. When those years came and went some had doubts. ~

Note: Many theologians offer their “opinions” regarding just how close we are to the ultimate return of Jesus Christ. Mr. H.W.Armstrong sometimes shard what he called his own “opinions” regarding these issues but he never meant for his opinions to override that which has been revealed through the Church Eras and the apostles and prophets. ~

What we must remember is the fact that God did not call Mr. H.W.Armstrong to be a “prophet”, God called Mr. H.W.Armstrong to be an APOSTLE. It is true that Mr. H.W.Armstrong longed for the appearing of his savior, Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul during the New Testament era felt that he might see the return of Christ Jesus in his day. Apostle Paul wrote in terms of disciples “longing for His appearing”. This is something that all true Christians do. So we must understand that what Mr. H.W.Armstrong spoke about regarding these types of issues should more appropriately be called “predictions” and NOT prophecies. Speculation is not a sin. ~

As many of you know I too believe in the soon coming of our Lord and Savior but I do not believe in date setting nor did Mr. H.W.Armstrong. I also make “predictions” based on Biblical prophecies and current world events. I also know that God has given me the gift a “spiritual discernment”. Many of my predictions have come true. I am not a prophet nor do I claim to be. ~

Note: These facts have changed. On December 12th 2016 Sir Eric W. King was called to be a prophet of God but he struggled with this calling. He finally accepted it on that early morning in December of 2016. Eric has not nor will he give exact dates regarding the day Jesus Christ will return but he has given the starting point for the official Laodicean era which began on October 7th 2011. ~

What did happen between 1972 and 1974?

Something did indeed occur during this time! Could Mr. H.W.Armstrong have been right in his famine and drought predictions for that time but in a different way? Indeed! We find that between the years 1972 and 1975 there came a drought and famine of the TRUTH due to what we call an apostasy [a falling away from “sound doctrine”]. During these years Mr. H.W.Armstrong’s son, Garner Ted Armstrong began questioning the Biblical doctrine about marriage and even the proper time of the feast of Pentecost. ~

Note: Under our current Laodicean era (the Seventh Church Time) much new information through prophecy has been given to us regarding the proper keeping of the Holy Days. During the Philadelphia era of the church Mr. Armstrong held the correct view which his son challenged. ~

Let us look at the Pentecost debate. Please understand that Mr. H.W.Armstrong properly kept the Monday Pentecost as God had showed him in the Word from 1937 into the 70’s. Mr. H.W.Armstrong felt so strongly about this issue that he disfellowshiped persons who fought against this truth in the late 1940’s and early 50’s. As a matter of fact one of the earliest offshoots from the true Church of God occurred in the late 1940’s and early 50’s when WCG’s trained minister, Emil Heibel started a break-away group because he had accepted and taught his congregation to believe in a Sunday Pentecost. ~

In 1972 this issue again became the subject of great discussion in the church. In so much so that the “liberal” ministers under the influence of Garner Ted Armstrong formed what they called a “Doctrinal Committee”. What is this? No where in God’s Church Government is there a so called “doctrinal committee”! Here we see the beginning of members to defy true Church Government. Instead of believing what God had revealed regarding this issue through His Word and through Apostle Mr. H.W.Armstrong certain members wanted to challenge God and His chosen servant. The true Church of God had held fast to the “faith once delivered” [Jude 3] but was now on the road to all out apostasy. ~

Note: Whenever “New Truth” has been introduced to the church it is never without controversy. Since entering the Seventh Church Time (since October 7th 2011) much controversy has continued. It is also important to note that any “new truth” must never disagree with our moral standard nor or faith and belief in Jesus the Christ. ~

Also, the Biblical doctrine of marriage was attacked. Satan used the newly founded “doctrinal Committee” to pound at the “faith once delivered”. One of the unfortunate facts of this ongoing debate was the fact that the liberals received support for their error through Mr. H.W.Armstong’s son, Garner Ted Armstrong. They felt that this gave them leverage. ~

During this time [1971, 1972] the report of “sex scandals” within the church added to the already existing doctrinal confusion. We could say that the Church of God was entering a micro-tribulation period. Today we here at COGSR/SOCT understand these years [1972-74] of confusion in the true Church of God to be the predicted great “falling away” which was predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Apostle Paul and Apostle John documented in God’s word that at the end of the Philadelphian era, right before the entrance into the seventh and final church era [Laodicean] there would be a great schism, “falling away”, an apostasy! This apostasy was not to be a ‘denominational’ dilemma but a dilemma in the one and only true Worldwide Church of God. ~

Note: Satan and his fallen crew will continue to focus directly on trying to destroy the true Church of God [COGSR/SOCT]. Jesus Christ told us this would happen. The fallen Adramelechs and those influenced by them hate God and His true church. ~

Mr. H.W.Armstrong ‘gives in’…he made mistakes

Yes, even apostles can make mistakes. When we look at some of the great men and women of the Bible we find that they made mistakes. It has been stated; “Great men tend to have great sins”. Look at Solomon and King David…wow! So we should not be surprised that the latter day apostle made some mistakes. God always allows this so that we do not fall into the “worship of men”. Unfortunately many of the offshoot groups tend to “worship” Mr. H.W.Armstrong. This is a very sad condition. ~

In the early 1970’s it became apparent that there developed a difficult relationship between father and son [Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong & Garner Ted Armstrong]. This ultimately led into Mr. H.W.Armstrong himself giving-in to the apostate doctrinal changes. This is such a sad period, yet predicted by God’s word that it pains me to even talk about it. We must talk about it! We must not deny the facts in light of God’s word. ~

Note: Mr. H.W.Armstrong found himself struggling between his relationship with God and his family, never a fun situation to be in. Ultimately, before H.W.Armstrong went through final transition [death] he returned to the integrity of the truth that God gave to him. ~

We now realize that it was the so called “Doctrinal Committee” instigated by Garner Ted Armstrong that fused all the problems. Here is an important testimony by Mr. H.W.Armstrong himself about this “doctrinal committee”. Mr. H.W.Armstrong wrote this in 1981: ~

“In early fall of 1974…it was a time when certain “scholars” among our leaders were engaged in “doctrinal research”. I had not realized until later that most of them were actually researching to try to prove Church teachings were in error, rather than to discover truth. I ADMIT NOW AND REPENT OF THE FACT THAT, NOT REALIZING THE REAL MOTIVE, I APPROVED THIS DOCTRINAL RESEARCH TEAM.” (H.W.Armstrong)-

We pray that God forgave Mr. H.W.Armstrong. ~

Every 40 Years…God’s People Tested

The number “forty” has spiritual significance in that this number has played prominently in the history of God’s people. Ancient Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. The Bible speaks of God’s people going into wars for forty years. Our Savior [Jesus Christ] was tempted for 40 days and nights. Now please understand. We could look at the fact that Mr. H.W.Armstrong started his ministry by “Radio church of God” in 1934. Exactly 40 years later [1974] God’s people entered another trial by way of Garner Ted Armstrong. ~

We see how this 1974 schism affected two key individuals in the true Church of God. These two people are Herman Hoeh [Hay] and Raymond Cole. These two were some of the first members of the original Ambassador College in Pasadena California back in the 1930’s. Herman Hoeh sided with Mr. H.W.Armstrong even when he made the mistake of ‘giving in’ to his son. Herman Hoeh even lowered the knowledge that God had originally gave him. Herman Hoeh started out good, but failed in the end. ~

Note: All of us can learn from history. When God shows us a radical truth, no matter how radical, we are to accept it or face the dire consequences. God has slowly given out ‘harder truths’ so that we can continue to grow in the awesomeness of His wisdom and knowledge. The problem with most all who call themselves “Christians” is that they have not allowed God to keep speaking, teaching and showing us New Things. At the same time we must not deny the static truth and moral foundation upon which the church is built. Some so called “new teachings” are in fact incorrect. God has prophets and apostles to help guide and direct. Mr. H.W.Armstrong was and apostle, those who challenged him were challenging God. ~

Raymond Cole, on the other hand, knew that the so called “new understandings” were wrong and not based on God’s word and the “faith once delivered”. Raymond Cole broke away from WCG and started, “Church of God, the Eternal”. Today Pastor Jon Brisby continues to speak about this history of God’s church. Thank you for listening. COGSR/SOCT is the only ministry that is teaching the true history of the original Worldwide Church of God. ~

Note: Today the true Church of God has been given much new information, knowledge and theology regarding technology, UFO’s, extraterrestrial life and science in general. The fact is, the new revelations given to the church through Sir Eric William King can be somewhat overwhelming to most. We must test the truths according to God’s Word which would include all of the laws found operative through Divine Intelligence. ~

Pastor Jon Brisby does in no way agree with Sir Eric William King but he knows Eric and they have had extremely interesting conversations in 2011 and 2012. ~

Problems with Laodicea

Many of you have studied the septenery [outlined in seven] mysteries found in the book of Revelation. We know that the ‘seven churches’ the ‘seven seals’ the ‘seven trumpets’ etc. show a progressive unfolding of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. ~

When we look at the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation they represent the Church of God through time. The historical Church of God has always taught that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation progressively represent the state of God's Church throughout history. These progressions link God's people throughout time. ~

The linkage begins in AD31 on Pentecost when the church was first organized. The chain stretches through history down to the Day of the Lord [the second coming]. This means that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation represent the consecutive and differing spiritual states of the Church throughout time. These seven are the Ephesus period, the Smyrna period, the Pergamos period, the Thyatira period, the Sardis period, the Philadelphia period and the Laodicea schism. ~

Laodicea rejects Church Government

The title Laodicea literally means “the people govern, judge, decide”. This shows that those who have left God’s true church for the Laodicean condition have rejected God’s government as practiced and outlined in His true church, the Philadelphian. ~

One problem people have with believing Jesus and the fact that He truly has one true church is with the subject of “organization”. People do not believe in the “visible” church. Instead they use the Christendom false doctrine of an “invisible” church. Yet Jesus clearly taught us to “let our light shine” in this dark world for all to see. Jesus also ordered visible church government. Put over the church are “apostles”, “prophets”, ”evangelists”, “pastors” and “teachers.” The true church was certainly visible on Pentecost in A.D.31. The fact is the true church is still visible today, especially every Sabbath. Jesus has a very organized body of believers. Organized to make sure that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God gets out to the whole world! ~

Note: Finally, we were given the name “Science Of Christian Thought” on July 14th 2014. We have been told that we are the Church Of God - Speaking To The Remnant [COGSR] but that we are to travel as SOCT [Science Of Christian Thought]. Our visible organization is SOCT. We are now (again) worldwide with our message and members. There are no fines, fees or forms to become a socter. Just study, ready, practice and share the message. It is that simple in this Seventh Time. ~


The fact is Jesus Christ is ruling His one true church, the one He built, from heaven. It is also a fact that Jesus will be returning only for His church. Many believe this pagan (creation worship/worship of matter minus God) idea that Jesus is coming back for individuals....people in all the pagan Christian groups. The Bible nowhere teaches such nonsense! Not one verse! The fact is the Bible teaches clearly that Jesus comes back for His “bride”, His one true Church, the church He built. This is a shocking and sobering truth for many so called “Christians” today. Jesus comes back for a “BODY” which is organized! ~ His church has been preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God. ~

Note: SOCT has taught and continues to teach that God [Divine Intelligence] is a FAMILY. Yeshua Hamashiach [Jesus Christ] is inviting us all into this Divine Family – the Royal Children. Sir Eric W. King is the latter-day prophet of this precious family. SOCT now includes over 500 students worldwide. ~

Yes, the Bible is very clear. Jesus does not come back for sects, groups, divisions, denominations with fake names and false doctrines....nope! Jesus comes back only for the Church of God, His church, the one He built. The true gospel hasn't changed! "There is ONE body [church], and ONE Spirit, even as ye are called in ONE hope of your calling; ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism, ONE God and Father of all who is above all, and through all, and in you all." [Ephesians 4:4-6] So there is truly only ONE WAY! ~

Note: Christian church attendance has decreased worldwide and continues to. Sir Eric W. King says that the reason why this is happening is because people have stopped listening to God. God continues to give His church new information (NEW LIGHT). God wants us all to grow and learn. We are children of Divine Intelligence (the Royal Children) and we must humble ourselves and unlearn that which we thought we once knew. It is time to expand dear ones….it is time to GROW UP. ~

So when we come to passages like this where Jesus said; “I will build my church.” [Matthew 16:18] we must understand that Jesus said what He meant and meant what He said. There is only one church, the Church of God. Christ's church has TRUTH, the RIGHT way. The Church of God is not mixed with error. Christ's church has the RIGHT stuff! There is “one body” [church] to which true Christians belong. [1 Corinthians 12:13-20]. The church is “fitly framed together” [Ephesians 4:16] and all those who belong to it “speak the same things” [1 Corinthians 1:10]. God has called His people out of Satan's kingdom of confusion and into His ONE WAY. ~

Note: All SOCT students are on the same page when it comes to revealed truth. This does not mean that we do not have our own opinions, we do. It is healthy to have some differences in understanding all the New Revelations…this produces collective and individual growth. Let us never stop growing! ~

We are in the Laodicean Era

We are in the Laodicean era. Here we have some figuring out. This Laodicea era represents those who at one time were involved with Christ's church but for some reason chose to forget certain aspects of it. During and right before the Laodicea era the “great apostasy” came. Even fallen apostate Christendom agrees with this interpretation. But what was the war against? It was against the TRUTH and God's One true Church. Isn't this what all wars are truly about? If there is a “god”, and there is, what and where is this “god's” church? Where are His people? All religious wars are regarding this question. ~

Note: What makes things even more difficult today is the fact that God has given us so much new information in this “information age” that the sleeping church has fallen hard and fast because of its lack of attention. The church is “spiritually asleep”. The message to the Seventh Church [that of Laodicea] is a WAKE UP CALL. ~

What was foretold to occur was a “great falling away”. This happened after the death of the first latter day Apostle [Mr. H.W.Armstrong]. Most left the church not knowing where they stood in prophetic history. They fell for the fallen Protestant idea that the church was now just anybody who believed and that there was really no true church as a “visible” organization. Thus they deny the first latter day Apostle and part of his mission which was to restore true church government and usher in the Philadelphia era. So these so called “splinter groups” left the true church-body and became Laodicean. ~

Note: Even right now thousands are leaving their Christian faith because the technology and science of the day has buried their old theological beliefs. They have shut God up – and shut God out. Only Science Of Christian Thought is brave enough to help Christians see the NEW LIGHT…the Seventh Message! ~

So, we come to a conclusion. Do you believe in the Bible and what it says? Or do you believe in your own interpretation which leads you to disobey the word of God? If you are part of God's elect you will hear this truth and be drawn into His fold. If you reject, you still answer to Him. ~

False Laodicean Organizations

All the fallen denominations make up the Laodicean schism. They have formed their own organizations and have given the church fake names. They, along with all the WCG offshoot groups, have denied the Seven Church ErasMany that claim to teach the Seven Church Eras deny the true Philadelphian era church by giving it a “new” fake name! ~

They also have either completely rejected the Holy Feast Days or they have changed the date of true Pentecost and rejected the true doctrine of Christian Marriage. ~
Note: Some things to consider if you are church goers: is your church talking about the weather changes, increase in crime and murder, population problems, international awareness, pollution awareness, starvation awareness, problems with illegal immigration, drugs, crime, etc? If not you are in the WRONG CHURCH. What about Christianity and space technology? Is your church addressing this issue? What about UFO’s and extraterrestrial information? Is your church honestly dealing with this or is it “spiritually asleep” [Laodicean]? ~

In many ways, those who truly have loved the “one church” that Jesus Christ built have been robbed. We have in many ways been robbed by our own brethren [offshoot, splinter & sliver groups]. They have hijacked the WCG…they have created confusion rooted in egotism. They have tried to change the name of God’s one true church. They have placed themselves in a false “seat of authority” to try to get listeners. Sad…so sad. ~

Conclusion for Socters

There is only one true Church. The Church that Jesus Christ built. The Worldwide Church of God is that one true church. It came forth like a “correcting rod” through the Latter-day Apostle, Mr. Hebert W. Armstrong. It manifested at the end of the Sardis period and grew in strength to become the Philadelphia Church. ~

Note: And now in this last church era God speaks through Sir Eric W. King and people are even more disrupted. Truth burns though the soul and is sharper than any two-edged sword. The “correcting rod” is not yet finished beloved. ~

There is only one true Philadelphia Church; it was given the name Worldwide Church of God. This cannot be changed. If it could how many Philadelphia Churches are there? There is only one! After the death of the Later-day Apostle many offshoot and splinter groups began under a new name. One of the reasons why they had to use a new name was because the fallen apostate church made legal rights to block any organization from using the name after Mr. Armstrong’s death. How convenient is that? ~

But here is the shocking truth! Christians can still use that name! The only ministry of the original WCG using the original name is COGSR/SOCT. We, the Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant [COGSR] are simply a ministry of the true Church. “Ministry” simply implies that COGSR/SOCT is the true remaining instrumentality of the original Worldwide Church of God. It is the remaining body of the WCG. It teaches the original teachings. We understand what church era we are living in since the death of Mr. Herbert Armstrong. The Church has since moved into the Laodicean era. The Laodiceans are Christians who have fallen away, they are spiritually asleep. The Philadelphia Church stays true to the counsel it has been given. It is the Philadelphia Church which is to call those fallen Christians out of Laodicea and back into the original Worldwide Church of God. Because we are the true remnant of the Worldwide Church of God we are also the only true body of original believers that comprise the original Philadelphia Church ~ the Bride of Christ. ~

Note: God has always preserved a remnant [a last day people]. Just as the Jewish leaders, teachers and common people could not accept the radical new teachings of Jesus Christ and even those latter teachings of converted apostle Paul, so they have trouble today in accepting the Seventh Message which comes to you now even through the prophet Sir Eric W. King.~

Notice this statement from Mr. Armstrong: “….of all the religions and all the more 250 denominations and sects in ‘Christianity’ NOT ONE [this includes all present splinter groups going by another name], except the Worldwide Church of God, knows WHO and WHAT God is.” [From: “Personal,” The Good News, April 1979] ~

All other offshoot groups have taken on a new name. This simply means that they are Laodicean churches. Look what Mr. Armstrong stated regarding the dangerous idea of one man taking it upon himself to change the name of God’s true church: “This man is NOT the Church of God. A man can incorporate himself, under man’s law, using the NAME of a Church – and he came as close to the name ‘Worldwide Church of God’ as possible, TO DECEIVE and mislead brethren into thinking his is THE SAME CHURCH. Any ‘Tom,’ ‘Dick’ or ‘Harry’ can incorporate himself, with signatures of a couple other men as ‘directors’ in the name of a church. BUT THAT DOES NOT make him a church!” [Taken from: “Christ Is the Living Head of Only One Church – Not Two,” Good News, December 18, 1978] ~

Note: Again, COGSR/SOCT is the true Worldwide Church of God; we do not deny nor change that title. Our ministry as the true WCG is COGSR/SOCT. We invite you to truly begin to understand the depth and integrity of our message. ~

Please understand, if you are involved in any offshoot group you need to repent and join COGSR/SOCT. If you study all of our material with prayer you will come to understand that we are the only true Worldwide Church of God. God has only one true Church. Listen again to what Mr. Armstrong stated regarding this matter: “God has only ONE Church, and that Church has a few hundred local congregations worldwide, all a PART – and an integral working part – of the ONE spiritual organism, the Worldwide Church of God!”  [Taken from: “Christ Is the Living Head of Only One Church – Not Two,” Good News, December 18, 1978] ~

Again , we read: “It may be that the Work God has given me [Mr. Armstrong] to do is complete, but not the Work of God’s Church [The Worldwide Church of God], which will be faithfully doing God’s Work till Christ, the True Head of this Church [The Worldwide Church of God], returns.” [From: Last Co-worker Letter, Jan 10, 1986] ~

Note: Through all the gifts of the church including the gift of prophecy God is continuing to complete the Great Work. ~

The Church of God has crossed over to each new era. From the Ephesus to the Smyrna, from the Smyrna to the Pergamos, from the Pergamos to the Thyatira, from the Thyatira to the Sardis, from the Sardis to the Philadelphia, and from the Philadelphia to the seventh and last…the Laodicean. Each church era had a faithful angel [messenger] which helped it cross into the next phase. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was the sixth messenger in the sixth church age. Who is the Seventh Messenger? It is this Seventh Messenger who is to give the Church “meat in due season”. [Matthew 24:45-47] ~

Note: It is Sir Eric William King that God called to be the Seventh Messenger in this Seventh Time. Eric continues to share that which God reveals to him no matter how controversial it might sound. The etheric Ascended Master, Saint Germain is the Seventh Messenger from the Ascended Master perspective. The extraterrestrial known as Anoh is the literal “celestial” Seventh Messenger of this era. All are working for Divine Intelligence and sharing and proclaiming the Seventh Message at every level -777. ~

The Seventh Messenger did not appear “right away”

Please understand, after Mr. Armstrong died the Seventh Messenger to help usher in the Seventh Church Age did not appear right away. It has always been this way. There has always been a testing time of faith in between each church era. I can tell you that the true Church of God, after the death of the first latter day apostle, did not just suddenly flash forth to the confused masses. This is simply due to the fact that many that were involved in the true Worldwide Church of God were unfortunately not truly converted Christians to begin with. We must remember that the apostasy began while the first latter day apostle was still alive; many had their minds twisted from the get-go. The Plain Truth [magazine] had already transformed into the Vain Truth to many. ~

Note: There is always a testing time in between the Church Eras. God will try His people and sift them to see who is worthy to go on into the next step, that of spiritual advancement and maturity. ~

What was foretold to occur in Scripture was a “great falling away”. This happened after the death of the first latter day Apostle. Most left the church not knowing where they stood in prophetic history. They fell for the fallen Protestant idea that the church was now just anybody who believed and that there was really no true church as a “visible” organization. ~

Note: There has been more than one “great falling away” from the true teachings and gifts of the church. Prior to this last apostasy there was a huge one in the 1800’s recognized by the prophet Joseph Smith and there was indeed a restoration of lost scriptures and teachings during his time that COGSR/SOCT also recognizes and has documented in older SOCT papers. ~

Thus they deny the first latter day Apostle and part of his mission which was
to restore true church government and usher in the Philadelphia era. So these so called “splinter groups” left the true church-body and became Laodicean. We must remember that the church was subtly being put to sleep by apostates. This was a slow but powerful process. ~

God organized a group of Illuminoids

While all this was going on God had chose certain ones to begin to “test the spirits” and to “prove all things”. This was done by small group that began to test the evolving “splinter groups” that appeared. Remember, these people who were testing the groups were God's remaining true remnant Church. This small time in Church history was a testing time for God's true remnant people. This small group of God's people truly understood God's restored church government; they understood the mission of the first latter day apostle. They also understood that the true restored Philadelphia Church could not be destroyed because that God during this time had “opened a door” which “no man could shut”. [Revelation 3:8] ~

Note: It was Sir Eric W. King which helped organize this early investigating group. Under the auspices of many enlightened groups who had pure motives in truly wanting to know, understand and do the will of God [Divine Intelligence]. ~

The Church Proceeding

The Church of God has always understood that God works through people. Particularly one man when it comes to moving into a new era or age. So in all the confusion [of the Sardis era of the church and into the Philadelphia] God rose up one man, Herbert Armstrong. Through this one man God restored His truth and it all agreed with the Bible. Not one point was in disagreement! God through the one man Adam brought sin on the whole world. God through the one man, Abraham, gave blessings to physical and spiritual Israel, God through the one man Noah saved the earth, God through the “second Adam” gave the promise of eternal life. God through the apostle Paul gave redemption to the Gentiles, and God through Herbert Armstrong brought in the Philadelphian era of the church. ~

Note: And God through Sir Eric W. King ushered in the Seventh Message in this seventh church time on October 7th 2011. ~

The Latter-day Apostle, Mr. Armstrong stated: “We need to understand a PRINCIPLE by which God always has worked through humans. He has always worked through ONE MAN at a time. He worked through Abraham. He worked through Moses, through Joshua, through one ‘judge’ at a time, through Samuel, through David, through Solomon. He worked through Peter and when Peter had left the Middle East, through Paul. These men had, in greater or lesser number, staff assistants under them, but God’s WORK was through the ONE MAN AT A TIME!” [Taken from: “Just What Is ‘The Work’?”, Good News, April 1981]. Now you must understand that after Mr. Armstrong died on January 16, 1986 people were looking for Church leadership. ~

Note: Sadly, people are still looking for church leadership today. ~

Before Mr. Armstrong's death he gave last instructions to Mr. Tkach. He said; “I have reached world leaders, your job is to GET THE CHURCH READY.” Mr. Tkach became a “Judas” and failed to follow the apostle's instruction. Get the Church ready for what? And what Church was Mr. Armstrong talking about? Mr. Armstrong was talking about “The Worldwide Church of God”! Because Mr. Tkach failed we now find all the splinter and offshoot groups of confusion! Mr. Armstrong said to “Get the Church ready...” The Church he was referring to was the only true Philadelphian era church, “The Worldwide Church of God”! This cannot be changed! Wow! Did you get this? Do you understand now? ~

Where should you go?

After Mr. Armstrong's death in 1986 many were left not knowing where to go. Those who left during this time were confused. Many joined false offshoot groups in haste. Those who waited patiently truly understood that nobody could destroy God's true Church! They stuck with the title: “The Worldwide Church of God”! Today God is calling those who left back into His one Philadelphian era church that was guided by the ONE AND ONLY, MR. HERBERT W.  ARMSTRONG! He fulfilled the Zerubbabel mission and “his hands shall finish it!” [Zechariah 4:9] ~

Note: God is continuing to use the revealed truths given to Mr. H.W.Armstrong to complete this Great Work. God has not given up on those who truly love Him and seek Him out. ~

We now must understand that there is a last messenger, the Seventh. The Seventh Messenger appeared with the remnant of the true Church on October 7th, 2011. Now the Church has manifested in the seventh era. It still maintains the true name of the Philadelphia Church, “The Worldwide Church of God”. So we understand that the original Worldwide Church of God under Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong is the only true Philadelphian church. Notice what Mr. Armstrong stated here from “Good News”, personal, 1979: “Satan is pulling out all stops now to destroy THIS CHURCH OF GODbut what Jesus Christ raised up is the Church of GodToday it encompasses the Earth so we call it the Worldwide Church of God! Garner Ted bragged to me that he built this Church. It was built when he was 3 years old!” ~

How much more proof does one need! The Worldwide Church of God is God's only true Last Day church! Notice Mr. Armstrong states that "this church" IS "the Church of God". COGSR/SOCT is the only true remnant that understands this fact. All offshoots are mislead and following ‘leaders’ under a different name. The Seventh Messenger speaks with authority, the authority of God’s word! COGSR/SOCT has since been attacked by other groups because of our message [those consciously or unconsciously being provoked and spurned by the Adramelechs]. ~

*May ye find Preace Profound!

Additional Note
Guy Warren Ballard was Godfré Ray King. He was given a special visit by Count St Germain on Mount Shasta, California in 1930 and was a predecessor of Sir Eric William King chosen to help usher in the Aquarius Age through revealing the secret of the violet flame.  Ballard was told that while he and his wife (Lotus Ray King) were alive there would be nobody else that St Germain would speak through. Unfortunately Guy Ballard began to misuse the violet flame teachings in his later years and the communications stopped. ~
St Germain has thus appeared to others since then and given new violet flame decrees. Sir Eric W. King on December 12th 2016 was visited by the celestial beings, Elijah the prophet and Apostle John in Yosemite National Park, California. Sir Eric W. King was anointed to bring the “elect” into the literal Aquarius Age. In this life he is to continue to help usher in the Aquarius Age as a prophet of the age who proclaims the Seventh Message; the Science Of Christian Thought. In his most recent past life he (Eric) went through many trials and towards the end of his life experienced great depression. In his current incarnation he has been given a personal review and cleansing to continue the work and not give in or give up. He is surrounded by many loved ones and the power from on High to complete his mission.  ~Chris Hughes

Last thought from Eric….

“We all have our own flaws. It is not that we are perfect, we are not, it is simply being aware of what we need to work on. It is not easy to put yourself out in the public as a teacher or a person with a “special message”. People watch everything that you do - looking for your next mistake or failure. This is why I must emphasize that what I teach is not about me, it of course involves me but all that is taught is something that I too need to practice and work on.” ~ E.W.King

Seventh Church Seal -Science Of Christian Thought -Sir Eric William ...
Apr 11, 2017 - Uploaded by Eric King
Sir Eric William King, giving talk on "Seventh Church - Seventh Time" ~ Science Of Christian Thought ...

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  1. Jesus was definitely a threat to the powers of His time but He nonetheless accomplished His mission. SOCT too will accomplish its mission. Those who have studied with us for some time have noticed that the revelations which come forth do so incrementally…never all at once. The unfolding of TRUTH is a growing and nourishing process. It will always have its enemies.- E.W.King