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Thursday, August 31, 2017

SOCT's April 5th 2017 prediction coming into Full View

SOCT Paper 224

America in a Civil War in 2017

Many people get so upset over ‘this president’ or ‘that president’. This will never change anything. The person must change first from within to cause the needed affect. Life must be respected, not thrown in the trash. People who fight violence with violence are throwing more wood on a fire that they wish didn’t exist. America is in a civil war over materialism. It is all about money and “what do I get out of it?” More and more Americans wish that their “papa” government would freely give them all they need, so that they mustn’t work. The decadence of this nation smells really bad. We officially declare today (April 5th 2017) that America is in the start of a civil war. It mustn’t’ get violent. ~

This civil war has to do with the choice between bigger-government and smaller-government. In this “push button” system of things people have grown impatient. What humanity needs and needs “right now” is a proper redirection, one which leads into the hidden self. The constant presence of the Divine in one’s life has become forgotten and even lost. In this moment right now heaven is reaching out for you. The human mind is full of pollution and it needs cleansing. The mind needs to start from a clean slate (tabula rasa). ~

When I say the “hidden self” I mean that we need to connect with our subconscious mind and create a new awareness of EVERYTHING. It is time to unify our science, religions and philosophies. We have the power to recreate all that we have done. You must recognize the non-physical mind. You must tap into the Divine Matrix. SOCT teaches the metaphysical and mystical reality. ~

The Bigger Picture

What humanity still has not grasped is the fact that even though each human is responsible for his or her own self, humans must now also realize that there is a greater cooperation, a bigger challenge. Humans must learn that they are not just responsible for themselves but also for the entire planet. Should we not keep our planet clean and be responsible with what we have been given? The children should be taught this from day one. We need reeducation at every level. It is time to understand our proper place in the cosmos. ~

Socters should strive to remain moral, rational and correct. To do this properly we must be willing to lay aside old systems, old beliefs that no longer work. Our faith must be allowed to stretch. SOCT helps us through this reorganization and allows the way for new values and new thought processes. Truth must be allowed to be “Truth”. ~


“Finally, I must warn you that difficulties regarding this message are coming. There will be attacks orchestrated by the fallen Adramelechs; those possessed with the Zenoah spirits. These will occur in the democratized regions. Aberrated religious cults will take credit for them. Old outdated religions will now try and destroy the true religion that is coming forth like a woman experiencing child birth pains. Your current president has been given information regarding these dreadful realities. It is time to listen to Truth and stop pretending that “everything will be okay”. We ourselves do not know just how long the current mercy period - that you are in - will last. We have taught you that you are in the Seventh Time, that of Laodicea. In this time the Seventh Message is given in the hopes that you will start to consciously participate in your own evolution. SOCT is offering you the door to get involved in both personal and collective participation in your own evolution. “ ~

“Humans must now wake up to the spiritual light that has been placed before them through the Seventh Message. We cannot force you to make this change; it must come from within yourselves. Are you truly worthy to enter the bigger reality? Then prove it!” ~ Anoh (From: Dear America 2017, Anoh Message, February 7th 2017) ~


Wherever Divine Intelligence guides you on this last ride of planet earth, you have peace profound in knowing that you are fulfilling your spiritual duty. Continue to practice the Nine Achievements and stay awake, aware and alert. Remember, the Seventh Message will continue to do the work it was called forth to do - one way or the other. ~


“SOCT asks you to truly ‘see’. This means the inner sight of your perception must come into the light of the Science Of Christian Thought in this final Seventh Time. Intuitive skills awake through proper knowledge. SOCT gives the proper knowledge. May you humble yourself and study this Seventh Message. May you prosper and gain peace profound.” ~ 

Anoh (From: Don’t believe everything, Anoh message, January 18th 2017) ~

So as human population continues to get out of control along with the earth changes speeding up, you must and can stay in control of your own life through the Nine Achievements. We know that the earth will literally shake soon. Meditate for peace today. ~

~Sir Eric William King (April 5th 2017)

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